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Buzzer Beat


  • Title: ブザー・ビート
  • Title (English): Buzzer Beat
  • Tagline: 崖っぷちのヒーロー / Gakeppuchi no Hero
  • Format: Renzoku
  • Genre: Romance, sports
  • Episodes: 11
  • Viewership rating: 14.3 (Kanto)
  • Broadcast network: Fuji TV
  • Broadcast period: 2009-Jul-13 to 2009-Sep-21
  • Air time: Monday 21:00
  • Theme song: Ichibutozenbu by B'z


Kamiya Naoki is a young player from a professional basketball team. But due to his relatively smaller size and his tendency to crack under pressure, he is unable to show his true skills on the court. Meanwhile, Shirakawa Riko is a cheerful, strong-spirited music college graduate aiming to become a professional violinist. One day, Riko finds Naoki's lost cell phone on a bus, and their meeting begins a friendship that eventually turns into love. However, Naoki was already considering marriage with his current girlfriend. And it doesn't help matters that Naoki's coach has fallen in love at first sight with Riko! --Tokyograph

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Episode Information

Episode Subtitle Ratings
1 The Power of Love Makes People Stronger!!
A Hero on the Brink of Activation!! First Quarter Special Program
15.5 ? ?
2 The Summer of Love Begins!! 13.5 ? ?
3 A Secret Between Two People 14.0 ? ?
4 A Shocking Evening 14.1 ? ?
5 Your Tears 13.5 ? ?
6 Promise 13.8 ? ?
7 An Extra Fifteen Minute Special!! ... I Won't Part From You 13.5 ? ?
8 Please Don't Go 17.5 ? ?
9 A Torn Bond 15.0 ? ?
10 Final Chapter ~ Goodbye 13.7 ? ?
11 Last Quarter Seventy-Five Minute Expanded Conclusive Special!!
13.8 ? ?
Average 14.3 ? ?

Source: Video Research, Ltd.



  • Professional basketball players made a special apperance in the first episode of the series, Aoki Kohei, Nakama Junpei & Joho Masashi of Tokyo Apache from the bj league and the Link Tochigi Brex from JBL.
  • Igarashi Kei of Toyota Alvark also from JBL was on the titleback.

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