Can't Buy Me Love

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Can't Buy Me Love


  • Title: 公主嫁到 (Gung Jue Ga Do)
  • Mandarin title: 公主驾到 (Gong Zhu Jia Dao)
  • English title: Can't Buy Me Love
  • Genre: Period, romance, comedy
  • Episodes: 31 (Hong Kong) / 32 (Overseas)
  • Broadcast network: TVB
  • Broadcast period: 2010-Aug-23 to 2010-Oct-3
  • Air time: Monday to Friday 20:30-21:30
  • Opening/ending theme song: Man Chin Chung Ngoi (萬千寵愛) by Susanna Kwan
  • Related TV shows: Beyond the Realm of Conscience (TVB, 2009)


Set during the Tang Dynasty of China, Can't Buy Me Love tells the story of the Third Princess, Princess Chiu Yeung (Charmaine Sheh), of the Tang Emperor (Samuel Kwok), who is beautiful but very unreasonable, and, as such, no one wants to marry her. The Kam family is the largest gold manufacturer in the grand capital Chang'an, but the business runs into trouble because they are deceived. The second son of the Kam family, Kam Tuo Luk (Moses Chan), has to marry the Third Princess to save the family business because then they will have the right to manufacture gold pieces for the Tang Palace. The Third Princess only agreed to the marriage because otherwise she would be married off to the Tibetan king Songtsän Gampo, as schemed by the evil Concubine Wei (Kara Hui).

The Princess brings many servants to the Kam family after marrying Kam Tuo Luk and constantly comes into conflict with the members of the Kam family (Lee Heung Kam, Susanna Kwan, Louis Yuen, Raymond Wong). The Princess brings Szeto Ngan Ping (Fala Chen) with her to the Kam family, who has been awarded "Best Servant" by the Concubine Dowager Chui (Susan Tse) and later became the wife of Ding Yau Wai (Kenneth Ma). The Princess originally decides to leave the house, but when she misunderstands that the Kam family speaks negatively of her, she stubbornly stays. Later, she and Kam Tuo Luk fall in love. When the Kam family is convicted of a capital offense, she divorces Kam Tuo Luk to save the Kam family secretly.

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The Kam Family

The Palace

  • Samuel Kwok as Emperor Taizong of Tang 唐太宗
  • Susan Tse as Concubine Dowager Tsui 崔太妃
  • Kara Hui as Concubine Wai 韋貴妃
  • Griselda Yeung as Concubine Suen 孫貴妃
  • Sharon Chan as Princess Wing Ho 永河公主 (1st princess)
  • Vivi Lee as Sum Yi (Princess Wing Ho's servant)
  • Edwin Siu as Chiu Wan 趙弘 (Princess Wing Ho's husband)
  • Tracy Ip as Princess Ching Wan 清雲公主 (2nd princess)
  • Matthew Ko as Hung Che-gong 孔志恭 (Princess Ching Wan's husband)
  • Charmaine Sheh as Princess Chiu Yeung 昭陽公主 (3rd princess)
  • Fala Chen as Szeto Ngan Ping 司徒銀屏 (Princess Chiu Yeung's servant)
  • Moses Chan as Kam Doh Luk 金多祿 (Princess Chiu Yeung's husband)
  • Yoyo Chen as Princess Chun Ping 川平公主 (4th princess)
  • Eric Li as Cheng Po 鄭浦 (Princess Chun Ping's husband)
  • Charmaine Li as Princess Chun Huai 晉懷公主 (5th princess)
  • Cheung Wing Hong as Tai Dak Leung 泰德亮 (Princess Chun Huai's husband, later divorced)
  • Linda Chung as Princess De Xin 德善公主 (later adopted;6th princess)
  • Raymond Wong as Kam Doh Sau 金多壽 (Princess De Xin's husband)
  • Moon Chan as young Princess Chiu Yeung 昭陽公主
  • Leung Wai Yan as young Szeto Ngan Ping 司徒銀屏
  • Karen Lee (palace's servant)
  • Fred Cheng as Wong On (palace's servant)

The Ding Family

The Lo Family

  • Ram Tseung as Lo Tou Yun 羅道遠
  • Meini Cheung as Fong Hak Lan 方克蘭 (Lo Tou Yun's wife)
  • Kenneth Ma as Ding Yau Wai 丁有維 (Lo Tou Yun and Fong Hak Lan's son)

Extended Cast


  • Can't Buy Me Love follows the success of Beyond the Realm of Conscience, both dramas produced by Mui Siu Ching,sharing similarities in lavish costumes, sets, cast members, and being set in the Tang Dynasty.
  • Custom-made costumes and sets were created to capture the grandeur of the Tang Dynasty, resembling those in "Beyond the Realm of Conscience."
  • Filming was completed in April 2010, and the series faced challenges, including cast injuries due to heavy headwear.
  • Because of the drama's high ratings during the early episodes, a celebration party was scheduled. However, because of the hostage-taking incident in The Philippines, the celebration event was cancelled, due to the tragedy, though the Hong Kong Broadcasting Authority still received complaints for a comedy being aired at a tragic time.

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Viewership Ratings

Week Episodes Date Hong Kong Guangzhou
Average Peak Municipal % Provincial %
1 01-05 2010-Aug-23 - 2010-Aug-29 33 37 7.13 (2nd) 5.20 (4th)
2 09-10 2010-Aug-30 - 2010-Sep-03 33 35 6.83 (3rd) 5.57 (4th)
3 11-15 2010-Sep-06 - 2010-Sep-10 33 35 6.50 (3rd) 4.87 (5th)
4 16-19 2010-Sep-13 - 2010-Sep-16 33 38 HOLIDAYS NO RATING
5 20-24 2010-Sep-20 - 2010-Sep-24 32 36 HOLIDAYS NO RATING
6 25-29 2010-Sep-27 - 2010-Oct-01 35 37 HOLIDAYS NO RATING
6 30 2010-Oct-02 34 36
6 31 2010-Oct-03 42 45

Source: CSM Media Research

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