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This category is used for tagging images that contain logos of external web sites and other vendors.

Editors will be removing these images from the articles that use them. This exercise is to alert all editors that uploading images from other web sites, while still leaving the web site logo and other text, gives a negative impression of DramaWiki.

Why is this so important? Why do you put your name on your school items? Or keep the serial numbers of your electronic appliances in a file for safekeeping? Simple: if someone were to steal your item, you can later on identify it. That's the same reason why web sites place logos and other markings on their photos - so that if they see their photos on someone else's web site, they're going to want that web site to remove the photo. If they didn't care about having people using their photos, they would not marked them up in the first place. This has nothing to do with fair use or anything of the sort; this has everything to do with taking pride in the images you upload, and respecting the other web sites' policies. Seeing a Sina logo on a DramaWiki image says one thing: the person who uploaded that image holds no regard for the image of DramaWiki or the site from where he stole the image. If you think DramaWiki is strict, just take a look at Wikipedia.

So now that the images have been tagged, how you can help? Few things you can do to help clean things up:

  • Crop. That's it! All operating systems contain graphic software that has the ability to crop. Cropping is a technique of taking an image and removing the bottom, left, right and top portions that are unwanted. Right now, 90-percent of the images tagged so far can be fixed just by cropping alone.
  • Remove the logo and other text using advanced graphic software, such as Adobe Photoshop. The removal is more complicated; it requires artistic technique as well as the money to buy the software.
  • Replace the image with a clean image. They're out there! You just need to take the due diligence and find these images.
  • Just don't upload the image. An article lacking an image is not the end of the world. A non-compliant image is WORSE than having no image at all.

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