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Man this is so messy... IMHO, we shouldn't put songs and albums in the same category. Wouldn't it be much better to put a song page as a subpage to the corresponding drama, artist or album? This way we would have no collisions of song titles and drama titles. Another good solution would be to append "(song)" to the title of a song page to avoid confusions. I'm pretty sure there are a lot of songs and dramas with the same title. Also we should investigate first if it is legal to publish song lyrics on a website or wiki. As far as I know a lot of websites were forced to shut down because they provided song lyrics (which were copyrighted by western labels). This may sound rediculous to many but I don't want to delete hundreds of pages if somebody complains. IMHO, we shouldn't include lyrics at all but rather links to existing webpages which contain already those lyrics. This is perhaps the safest solution. --MoerkJ 10:38, 2 Jul 2005 (EDT)

Ganbare! to a certain extent[edit]

I agree on the organization problem. I'll have to marinate on the idea for awhile. As for the copyright issue on lyrics, I don't see a difference between lyrics and the photos being uploaded to the wiki. A very large majority of the images here are scans from magazines, promo materials, and talent agencies -- all protected by various law organizations around the world. From what I've seen in past years, there have been more web sites shut down due to the photos than to lyrics to songs.