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  • Title: 民国大侦探 / Min Guo Da Zhen Tan
  • English title: Checkmate
  • Genre: Period, detective, mystery
  • Episodes: 24
  • Broadcast network: iQiyi
  • Broadcast period: 2022-Aug-10 to 2022-Aug-25
  • Airing time: Wednesday-Saturday 20:00
  • Theme song: Black & Red (黑与红) by Chen Xue Ran


It tells the story of Situ Yan, a young lawyer from Peking who was dismissed from his post for sticking to his principles. He comes to Harbin to become a detective where he meets the forthright and wealthy friend Luo Shao Chuan in ensuing cases. He also meets Zhou Mo Wan, a woman who dares to love and hate. Together, they dig up a huge conspiracy.

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Murder on the Orient Express

Murder on the Orient Express.jpg
  • Lin Peng as Liu Zijie, train conductor. Father of former Xu family servant
  • Li Ying Ying as Bai Lu, a university student. Yu Qin's former classmate
  • Fang Xiao Li as Liao Yun, Yu Qin's mother
  • Liu Mei Ren as Qi Hong, a courtesan. Yu Qin's friend
  • Qiao Jun Da as Wan Jixiang, Ma Shiying's secretary
  • Pu Tao as Xu Fangting, Yu Qin's sister-in-law
  • Karl Dominik as George Brel, American diplomat and Xu Fangting's husband
  • Yu Jian as Zong Yan, a former militant and Xu Huaichang's comrade
  • He Sai Fei as Princess Rong Xiang, Yu Qin's godmother
  • Du He Qian as Shi Chunshan, Princess Rong Xiang's servant and former Xu Family cook
  • Sun Yan as Ma Shiying, murderer of the Xu family and victim of current case
  • Zhang Jie (张洁) as Yu Qin, Xu Huaichang's wife. Murdered by Ma Shiying years ago
  • Shen Sheng Nan as Yu Qin's daughter

Murder at the Wealthiest Man's Manor

Murder at the Wealthiest Man's Manor.jpg
  • Liu Min as Bai Shanshan, Zou Jingxuan's foster mother and Luo Wensheng's sister-in-law
  • He Yong Sheng as Xie Hua, deputy director of Harbin Police Station
  • Zhang Hui Zhong as Luo Wensheng, President of Harbin Chamber of Commerce. Luo Wenchuan's father
  • Yu Xiao Lei as Wei Minxi, Luo Wensheng's mistress
  • Yang Ping as Wen Yi, housekeeper of Luo Manor
  • Zhang Bo Zhi as Fang Hong, personal servant of Luo Wensheng
  • Chen Bao Jie (陈宝杰) as Wen Yi's son
  • Yao Peng Cheng as Xie Baizhou, a doctor and Xie Hua's son

Haunted Girls School

Haunted Girls School.jpg

Poisonous Spaghetti

Poisonous Spaghetti.jpg

Cheating Case of the Rich

Cheating Case of the Rich.jpg

Kidnapping of the Japanese Leader

Kidnapping of the Japanese Leader.jpg

Serial Murderer in the Snowy Night

Serial Murderer in the Snowy Night.jpg



Cheating Case of the Rich

Kidnapping of the Japanese Leader

Serial Murderer in the Snowy Night

Disappearance of the Double-Faced Lover

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