Guardians of the Ancient Oath

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Chinese Bestiary


  • Title: 上古密约 / Shang Gu Mi Yue
  • English title: Chinese Bestiary / Guardians of the Ancient Oath
  • Also known as: 山海经之上古密约 / Shan Hai Jing Zhi Shang Gu Mi Yue / The Classic of Mountains and Seas: The Promise Keepers
  • Genre: Historical, fantasy, mythology
  • Episodes: 46
  • Broadcast network: Hunan TV
  • Broadcast period: 2020-Feb-09


In the ancient times, the demon Jiu Ying causes chaos to the world. The five deity lords - Gold, Wood, Water, Fire and Earth sacrifices themselves and combined their powers to seal Jiu Ying. Gold (Jin Zheng) managed to survive, while the spirit of other four deities scatters to the mortal realm.

Thousand of years later, the Dayou kingdom was established by the Baili family, and is constantly at war with the the Wolf Tribe. After the Emperor and Crown prince consecutively passes away, the young Emperor Baili Haohe ascends the throne; while his maternal tribe takes advantage of his young age and interferes in politics, seizing power for their own clan. The two sons of the decreased Crown Prince Ping Yuan, Baili Hongxuan and Baili Hongshuo faces constant suspicion and distrust despite their loyalty to the country. Meanwhile, the new leader of the Wolf tribe, Ming Yefeng finds out the true identity of Baili Hongyi, the daughter of Prince Pingyuan. This secret pushes the Baili family to the deep abyss.

At this moment, Jin Zheng discovers that Jiu Ying is about to break out of his seal. He finds a way to awaken the four deities, gathering their spiritual powers to destroy Jiu Ying. Finally, with the help of Baili Hongshuo and Baili Hongyi, the five deities gather once again and fulfilled their promise made one thousand years ago - to protect the world and ensure its peace.


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