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Weekly Synopses for NHK drama Chiritotechin

Week 1 - Episodes 001-006[edit]

  • Subtitle: 笑う門には福井来る(わらうかどにはふくいきたる)
  • Air time: 2007-Oct-1 thru 2007-Oct-6 08:15-08:30 JST
  • Peek rating: 17.1 (Kanto)
  • Synopsis: This renzoku is about Wada Kiyomi, a girl brought up in Fukui who moves to Osaka in search of her soul. In Osaka, Kiyomi becomes enchanted with rakugo, a Japanese traditional form of comic storytelling, and pursues a career in rakugo. In the summer of 1982, Kiyomi Wada and her family move to Obama of Fukui, her father's hometown. Kiyomi's grandmother and uncle welcome the family, but Shotaro the grandfather does not allow Masanori to take over the Wakasa lacquer chopsticks making. One day, Kiyomi listens to rakugo at Shotaro's factory and becomes fond of it. Shotaro and Kiyomi become close through rakugo.

Week 2 - Episodes 007-012[edit]

  • Subtitle: 身から出た鯖(みからでたさば)
  • Air time: 2007-Oct-8 thru 2007-Oct-13 08:15-08:30 JST
  • Peek rating: 18.0 (Kanto)
  • Synopsis: Nine years have passed and Kiyomi is a senior in high school. Kiyomi (Kiyomi-B) and her classmate with the same name, Kiyomi (Kiyomi-A) are to play the shamisen for the school festival. At first, Kiyomi-B feels superior over Kiyomi-A since she had some experience in playing the shamisen, but after practices, Kiyomi-A becomes a better player. Kiyomi-B gives up shamisen and decides to work behind the stage instead.

Week 3 - Episodes 013-018[edit]

  • Subtitle: エビチリも積もれば山となる(えびちりもつもればやまとなる)
  • Air time: 2007-Oct-15 thru 2007-Oct-20 08:15-08:30 JST
  • Peek rating: 16.8 (Kanto)
  • Synopsis: Kiyomi-B leaves Fukui and goes to Osaka to change her life. At first, she stays with her friend Kiyomi-A's apartment, but after a quarrel, she moves out. With no place to go, Kiyomi-B wanders around Osaka where she happens to meet Sojaku and his pupil Soso, who are rakugo storytellers. Kiyomi-B identifies Sojaku to her grandfather and moves in with them. However, her mother Itoko comes to Osaka to take her back home.

Week 4 - Episodes 019-024[edit]

  • Subtitle: 小さな鯉のメロディ
  • Air time: 2007-Oct-22 thru 2007-Oct-27 08:15-08:30 JST
  • Peek rating: 17.4 (Kanto)
  • Synopsis: Finally Kiyomi-B is allowed to live at Sojaku's house. She also finds a job as an assistant to a freelance writer. For an article, she goes to a rakugo with Soso everyday, where she relates to his sincere feeling he has towards his master and rakugo itself. Kiyomi-B persuades him to once again try the rakugo titled "Tsujiurajaya" which he had failed in the past. Kiyomi-B promises to assist him by playing the shamisen.

Week 5 - Episodes 025-030[edit]

  • Subtitle: 兄弟(きょうだい)もと暗し
  • Air time: 2007-Oct-29 thru 2007-Nov-3 08:15-08:30 JST
  • Peek rating: 16.1 (Kanto)
  • Synopsis: Kiyomi-B acknowledges her love for Soso, but Kiyomi-A appears and soon he is attracted to her. Feeling the pain, Kiyomi-B returns to her hometown in time for the anniversary of her grandfather's death. Masanori and Itoko heartily welcome their daughter, but it was only a playacting to hide from her the family debt. Kiyomi-B finds out about the debt and tries to cheer them up.

Week 6 - Episodes 031-036[edit]

  • Subtitle: 蛙(かえる)の子は帰る
  • Air time: 2007-Nov-5 thru 2007-Nov-10 08:15-08:30 JST
  • Peek rating: 17.4 (Kanto)
  • Synopsis: Kiyomi-B returns to Osaka and soon becomes aware that she likes rakugo. Meanwhile, Soso asks the unwilling Sojaku to give him rakugo lessons. Finding that Sojaku used to have four pupils, Kiyomi-B decides to organize a rakugo live performance and starts gathering up his former pupils. However, the first pupil Sogen and the fourth pupil Shiiso already have jobs and do not wish to participate.

Week 7 - Episodes 037-042[edit]

  • Subtitle: 意地(いじ)の上にも三年
  • Air time: 2007-Nov-12 thru 2007-Nov-17 08:15-08:30 JST
  • Peek rating: 16.0 (Kanto)
  • Synopsis: Kiyomi-B and Soso is pleased that Sogen and Shiiso has decided to come back as rakugo storyteller, but Sojaku is indifferent. Sojaku declares that he is no longer a rakugo storyteller. Kiyomi-B suggests holding a rakugo show at the bar across the street. At first the owner of the bar approves, but Sojaku's son and former pupil Kosojaku opposes to the show for he has a grudge against his father on his mother's death.

Week 8 - Episodes 043-048[edit]

  • Subtitle: 袖(そで)振り合うも師匠(ししょう)の縁
  • Air time: 2007-Nov-19 thru 2007-Nov-24 08:15-08:30 JST
  • Peek rating: 16.6
  • Synopsis: The rakugo show finished successfully with Sojaku's rakugo delivered for the first time after three years' interval. Kiyomi-B tells her family that she has decided to become a rakugo storyteller. Her father opposes the idea but her mother allows her on condition Kiyomi-B defeats Itoko at a contest. After winning the competition, Kiyomi-B asks Sojaku to take her up as his pupil. But to her surprise he refuses her plea.

Week 9 - Episodes 049-054[edit]

  • Subtitle: ここはどこ?私はだめ?
  • Air time: 2007-Nov-26 thru 2007-Dec-1 08:15-08:30 JST
  • Peek rating: 16.7
  • Synopsis: Sojaku authorizes Kiyomi-B to become his pupil. She looks forward to her training, but Sojaku orders her to do housekeeping instead while other pupils criticize her work. One day, Kiyomi-B goes to a television studio as Sojaku's assistant, where she bumps into Kiyomi-A. Seeing her friend working in the spotlight, Kiyomi-B feels pressured.

Week 10 - Episodes 055-060[edit]

  • Subtitle: 瓢箪(ひょうたん)から困(こま)った
  • Air time: 2007-Dec-3 thru 2007-Dec-8 08:15-08:30 JST
  • Peek rating: 16.5
  • Synopsis: After 3 months of training under Sojaku, Kiyomi-B makes her debut as a rakugo storyteller. Her mother Itoko comes to see her performance, but Kiyomi-B is too nervous and fails. Meanwhile, Kiyomi-A comes to see Kiyomi-B's show where she is impressed with Soso's performance.

Week 11 - Episodes 061-066[edit]

  • Subtitle: 天災は忘れた恋にやって来る
  • Air time: 2007-Dec-10 thru 2007-Dec-15 08:15-08:30 JST
  • Peek rating: 15.7
  • Synopsis: Kiyomi-B finally succeeds in making the audience laugh. But at the same time, Soso and Kiyomi-A falls in love. Kiyomi-B is shocked to hear of Kiyomi-A's love for Soso. Seeing heart-broken Kiyomi-B, Sojaku teaches her a rakugo, called "Tensai."

Week 12 - Episodes 067-072[edit]

  • Subtitle: 一難(いちなん)去ってまた一男(いちなん)
  • Air time: 2007-Dec-17 thru 2007-Dec-22 08:15-08:30 JST
  • Peek rating: 15.7
  • Synopsis: Two and a half years had past since Kiyomi-B joined Sojaku. Their rakugo show had become so popular that audience came to see them even when all seats were sold out. One day, the chairman of Tengu Geino, an entertainment agency, appeared and asked them to perform at his theater. The offer to come back onto the stage came as a delightful surprise to all the performers except for Kosojaku. He had a fight with his rival, and had punched him. Soso decides to cover up for Kosojaku to protect his career.

Week 13 - Episodes 073-077[edit]

  • Subtitle: 時は鐘(かね)なり
  • Air time: 2007-Dec-24 thru 2007-Dec-28 08:15-08:30 JST
  • Peek rating: 17.6
  • Synopsis: The dismissal of Soso was withdrawn due to Kiyomi-B's plea. Through this incident, Soso begins to realize his feelings for her. The feeling was mutual for Kiyomi-B who begins to fix his memorial cushion for their big show. On the day of the show, Kiyomi-B grows nervous over the stage, but is encouraged by her warm master. She manages to successfully perform her stage and on that night, Sojaku allows her to leave his house because she had taken up her indentures.

Week 14 - Episodes 078-079[edit]

  • Subtitle: 瀬戸際の花嫁
  • Air time: 2008-Jan-4 thru 2008-Jan-5 08:15-08:30 JST
  • Peek rating: 16.2
  • Synopsis: At the night of New Year's Eve, Kiyomi-B and Soso confirmed their love. Soso proposes to her and Kiyomi-B accepts. On New Year's Day, they announce their engagement to Sojaku and also heads for Kiyomi-B's home where she is greeted by surprised but a happy family. But on their wedding day, Soso disappears.

Week 15 - Episodes 080-085[edit]

  • Subtitle: 出る杭(くい)は浮(う)かれる
  • Air time: 2008-Jan-7 thru 2008-Jan-12 08:15-08:30 JST
  • Peek rating: 18.1
  • Synopsis: Kiyomi-B and Soso gets married. Kiyomi is happy with her newly married life but their incomes are not stable. Just then, since female rakugo storytellers are rare, Kiyomi is landed the job of being a host for a television show and starts earning more than Soso.

Week 16 - Episodes 086-091[edit]

  • Subtitle: 人のふり見て我(わ)が塗(ぬ)り直せ
  • Air time: 2008-Jan-14 thru 2008-Jan-19 08:15-08:30 JST
  • Peek rating: 17.3
  • Synopsis: Soso leaves his home. Kiyomi-B is shocked, but soon finds that he is at her parents' home. She apologizes and asks Soso to return, but Soso wishes to stay to reconsider their relationship. Kiyomi-B's father supports him for he too was in a fight with his wife who has also left home.

Week 17 - Episodes 092-097[edit]

  • Subtitle: 子はタフガイ
  • Air time: 2008-Jan-21 thru 2008-Jan-26 08:15-08:30 JST
  • Peek rating: 18.8
  • Synopsis: Itsuki Hiroshi, an enka star suddenly appears while Kiyomi-B is thinking of how her parents can get back together. Itsuki advices that the best remedy is to have them remember their love for each other. With his advice, Kiyomi-B decides to hold a rakugo show with her husband.

Week 18 - Episodes 098-103[edit]

  • Subtitle: 思えば遠くへすったもんだ
  • Air time: 2008-Jan-28 thru 2008-Feb-2 08:15-08:30 JST
  • Peek rating: 18.0
  • Synopsis: Three years have passed and is now 1999 and Kiyomi-B is in a slump. Meanwhile, Soso is gaining popularity as a traditional rakugo storyteller. Kiyomi-B asks Sojaku for advice and comes up with the idea of making her original rakugo.

Week 19 - Episodes 104-109[edit]

  • Subtitle: 地獄の沙汰(さた)もネタ次第
  • Air time: 2008-Feb-4 thru 2008-Feb-9 08:15-08:30 JST
  • Peek rating: 16.1 (Kanto)
  • Synopsis: Sojaku orders Kiyomi-B to create an original rakugo. Meanwhile, Itoko comes to Osaka and says that she will be staying for a while. Seeing Sojaku practicing rakugo titled Jigokubakkei, Kiyomi-B is impressed and asks him for lessons on the title, but he refuses. What's more, he wants Kiyomi-B and Soso to move out.

Week 20 - Episodes 110-115[edit]

  • Subtitle: 立つ鳥(とり)あとを笑わす
  • Air time: 2008-Feb-11 thru 2008-Feb-16 08:15-08:30 JST
  • Peek rating: 16.6
  • Synopsis: Kiyomi-B and the other pupils are told that Sojaku does not have much long to live. Sojaku performs Jigokubakkei at his bed and asks his four pupils to play each divided parts together while Kiyomi-B is to play her original rakugo as an opening act at their next rakugo show.

Week 21 - Episodes 116-121[edit]

  • Subtitle: 嘘つきは辛抱(しんぼう)の始まり
  • Air time: 2008-Feb-18 thru 2008-Feb-23 08:15-08:30 JST
  • Peek rating: 17.0
  • Synopsis: Sojaku's funeral is held while Kiyomi-B and Soso reconfirms their will to take on their master's performance and spirit. Just then, a candidate who wants to become their pupil comes to their house. At the same time, suddenly Kiyomi-A visits her home.

Week 22 - Episodes 122-127[edit]

  • Subtitle: 聞かぬは一生の箸(はし)
  • Air time: 2008-Feb-25 thru 2008-Mar-1 08:15-08:30 JST
  • Peek rating: 16.6
  • Synopsis: Although Kiyomi-A has always been an honor student, she tells Kiyomi-B the negative thoughts she has had. Hearing her true inner feelings, Kiyomi-B is puzzled. Meanwhile, tension builds up among the pupils of Sojaku about who will take over their master's name.

Week 23 - Episodes 128-133[edit]

  • Subtitle: 終わりよければ滑(すべ)ってよし
  • Air time: 2008-Mar-3 thru 2008-Mar-8 08:15-08:30 JST
  • Peek rating: 16.5
  • Synopsis: The debut of Soso's pupil, Yusuke, is set; Kiyomi-B is excited but Yusuke is nervous. Meanwhile, Kiyomi's brother leaves home because of a quarrel with his father and Kiyomi feels powerless to help him. Suddenly, Yusuke refuses to go on stage.

Week 24 - Episodes 134-139[edit]

  • Subtitle: 蛇(じゃ)の道はヘビー
  • Air time: 2008-Mar-10 thru 2008-Mar-15 08:15-08:30 JST
  • Peek rating: 17.9
  • Synopsis: Yusuke's debut performance is a success but Kosojaku, unable to deal with pressure, disappears before his performance. Kiyomi-B and Soso are unable to find him and the president of their talent agency is furious. Meanwhile in Obama, Kiyomi-A is planning an event to nationally publicize Wakasa lacquer chopsticks.

Week 25 - Episodes 140-145[edit]

  • Subtitle: 大草若の小さな家
  • Air time: 2008-Mar-17 thru 2008-Mar-22 08:15-08:30 JST
  • Peek rating: 17.6
  • Synopsis: Kosojaku returns and Kiyomi-B starts her plans to build a rakugo hall, a long-time dream of Sojaku, but the president of their talent agency does not approve. Meanwhile, Kiyomi-A succeeds in striking a big deal for her father's factory with the help of Kiyomi-B. Their grudge against each other finally clears and Kiyomi-A offers her assistance on Kiyomi-B's plan.

Final week - Episodes 146-151[edit]

  • Subtitle: 笑う一門には福来(きた)る
  • Air time: 2008-Mar-24 thru 2008-Mar-29 08:15-08:30 JST
  • Peek rating: 17.5
  • Synopsis: With Kiyomi-A's help, Kiyomi-B successfully persuades the president of their talent agency and starts renovating Sojaku's house in creating a rakugo hall. On opening day, all Sojaku's pupils perform at the brand new hall. Several years have passed and Kiyomi-B climbs their memorable mountain with her mother Itoko.