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Chou Nu Wu Di


  • Title: 丑女无敌 / Chou Nu (Nv) Wu Di
  • Also known as: Ugly Wu Di / The Ugly Girl is Matchless
  • Genre: Comedy, romance
  • Broadcast network: Hunan TV
  • Opening theme song: Da Duo Shu (大多数) Most by Li Xin Ru
  • Ending theme song: Wu Di Di Yi (无敌第一) Wu Di is Number One by Li Xin Ru

Season 1

  • Episodes: 43
  • Broadcast period: 2008-Sep-28 to 2008-Oct-20
  • Air time: 22:00


Lin Wu Di is a very intelligent and good-natured grad student who can't secure a job interview due to her ugly appearance. Because of her family's financial problems, she has no choice but to forge ahead and continue sending out resumes. Finally she seems to get a break when a well-known advertisement company, Idea, calls her in for an interview for the Chairman's secretary position. However, her competitor is the beautiful and sexy foreign exchange student Pei Na, who also happens to be a secret friend of Idea's chief producer Li An Qian. An Qian's motive in recommending Pei Na for the position is so she can have her friend keep a close eye on her womanizing boyfriend, the new Chairman Fei De Nan. Does Wu Di even stand a chance against such complex competition?

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Season 2

  • Episodes: 63
  • Broadcast period: 2009-Jan-12 to 2009-Mar-10
  • Air time: 22:00


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Viewership Ratings

Week Episodes Date Tianjin Chongqing Changsha Chengdu Xi'an Shenyang
1 01—08 2009-Jun-12 - 2009-Jun-18 2.66 (9th) 2.59 (5th) 3.35 (4th) 2.69 (2nd) 2.66 (4th) 3.05 (5th)
2 09—14 2009-Jun-19 - 2009-Jun-25
3 15—22 2009-Jun-26 - 2009-Feb-01 2.27 (7th) 2.12 (5th) 2.87 (6th) 2.27 (3rd) 2.44 (5th) 1.93 (8th)
4 23—30 2009-Feb-02 - 2009-Feb-08 2.42 (8th) 2.28 (4th) 3.22 (6th) 2.53 (1st) 2.36 (6th) 2.40 (6th)
5 31—36 2009-Feb-02 - 2009-Feb-08 OUT OF TOP10 1.37 (9th) 2.28 (7th) 1.93 (4th) 2.04 (7th) 2.04 (7th)
6 37—44 2009-Feb-09 - 2009-Feb-22 OUT OF TOP10 OUT OF TOP10 2.47 (6th) 1.57 (9th) OUT OF TOP10 2.74 (4th)
7 45—52 2009-Feb-23 - 2009-Mar-01 OUT OF TOP10 2.00 (7th) OUT OF TOP10 1.68 (9th) OUT OF TOP10 OUT OF TOP10
8 53—60 2009-Mar-02 - 2009-Mar-08
9 61—63 2009-Mar-09 - 2009-Mar-10

Source: CSM Media Research

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  • Based on the popular American television series Ugly Betty, which is an adaptation of the original Colombian soap opera Betty la fea

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