Choon Ja's Happy Events

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Choon Ja's Happy Events


  • Title: 춘자네 경사났네 / Chujane Gyeongsananne
  • Also known as: Happy Events at Choon Ja's / Choon Ja's Special Day
  • Genre: Romance, family
  • Episodes: 111
  • Broadcast network: MBC
  • Broadcast period: 2008-May-19 to 2008-Nov-13
  • Air time: Monday to Friday 20:25
  • Original Soundtrack: Choon Ja's Happy Events OST


Yeon Boon Hong becomes an unwed mother after being betrayed by the man she loves but she is still determined to live her life. Boon Hong became pregnant with Gi Suk's child but he didn't want the child. He told her to get an abortion but she was unable to do so. Her friends Lee Joo Young and Lee Sun Hee died in a boating accident. Boon Hong was also in the boat with them but she survived. Sun Hee was Joo Young's girlfriend but due to some misinterpretations, the Lee family thought that Boon Hong was Joo Young's girlfriend and was pregnant with Joo Young's child. Boon Hong moved into the Lee's house to escape her difficulties. She let the family believe that it was Joo Young's child. Lee Joo Hyuk is Joo Young's older brother and falls for Boon Hong. What happens when the Lee family finds out that Boon Hong lied about the baby being Joo Young's? How will Joo Hyuk feel towards her?

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