Dear Woman

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Dear Women


  • Title: Dearウーマン
  • Title (English): Dear Woman
  • Episodes: 10 + 1 Special
  • Broadcast network TBS
  • Broadcast period: 1996-Oct-13 to 1996-Dec-22
  • Theme song: Sayonara no Shunkan by Matsuda Seiko


Tamon is a young white-collar worker who has spent his entire young career as an athlete, and is accustomed to an all male environment. After retiring from sports, he enters a firm, only to be assigned to the personnel department. Upon arriving, he finds that he is to be trained by the strong-willed Kyoko, and that he is to work on a project to help raise the status of women and awareness of sexual harassment in the workplace, putting him in completely new territory. While gradually coming to terms with his job, he finds himself slowly falling for Kyoko, and being the only one aware of her well guarded secret. --TBS

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