Demi-Gods and Semi-Devils (2021)

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Demi-Gods and Semi-Devils (2021)



The story centers around the Beggar Leader Qiao Feng, the Dali Prince Duan Yu and the Shaolin Monk Xu Zhu.

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Main Cast

Leader of Beggar Sect, later became Prince Nan Yuan of Liao Kingdom after known the truth about his true origin.
Prince of Dali Kingdom, later became Emperor Xuan Ren of Dali.
A kind-hearted monk, later became the leader of Carefree Sect and master of Lingjiu Palace.
Murong Fu's cousin, Duan Yu's love interest. She is able to identify various types of martial arts simply by observation, even though she does not practise the skills. Daughter of Duan Zhengchun & Li Qingluo.
Qiao Feng's lover, eldest daughter of Duan Zhengchun & Ruan Xingzhu. She is very skilled in the art of disguise.
Ah Zhu's sister, second daughter of Duan Zhengchun & Ruan Xingzhu. She is sadistic and cruel, and takes pleasure in torturing and mutilating anyone who offends her.

Dali Kingdom / Duan Family

  • Shen Xiao Hai as Duan Zhengming, Emperor Bao Ding, Duan Yu's uncle
  • Song Zi Qiao as Empress Bao Ding, Duan Yu's aunt
  • Qiu Xin Zhi as Duan Zhengchun, Prince of Dali Kingdom, Duan Yu's father
  • Xu Dong Dong as Dao Baifeng, Princess of Dali Kingdom, Duan Yu's mother
  • Rain Lau as Ruan Xingzhu, Ah Zhu & Ah Zi's mother
  • Wang Wan Juan as Gan Baobao
  • Huang Yi as Qin Hongmian
  • Ma Ya Shu as Li Qingluo, Wang Yuyan's mother
  • Liu Mei Tong as Mu Wanqing, daughter of Duan Zhengchun & Qin Hongmian
  • Sun Ya Li as Zhong Ling, daughter of Duan Zhengchun & Gan Baobao
  • Wu Hao (吴浩) as Ba Tianshi, one of the three highest ranked ministers in Dali government, highly skilled in martial arts
  • Wang Yi Fu (王一夫) as Hua Hegen, one of the three highest ranked ministers in Dali government, highly skilled in martial arts
  • Wan Xin (万鑫) as Fan Hua, one of the three highest ranked ministers in Dali government, highly skilled in martial arts
  • Wu Hao as Chu Wanli
  • Chen Zhi Jie as Zhu Danchen
  • Liang Shi Min as Fu Sigui
  • Heavenly Dragon Monastery, a Buddhist monastery located in Dali. Some of the monks are former members of Dali's royal family:
    • Su Qiang as Ku Rong, Duan Yanqing's uncle and the most senior monk in the monastery, he lets Duan Yu read the "Six Meridians Divine Sword" manual and memorise it before destroying the book to prevent Jiu Mozhi from obtaining it.
    • Zhu Wen Sheng (朱文圣) as Ben Yin, Duan Zhengming's uncle and the monastery's abbot
    • Long Wei as Ben Xiang
    • Li Qing (李清) as Ben Can
    • Yang Jian Lan (杨剑岚) as Ben Guan

Beggar Sect

  • Ray Lui as Wang Jiantong, Qiao Feng's teacher and previous leader of Beggar Sect
  • Liu Guan Lin as Ma Dayuan, deputy leader of Beggar Sect
  • Zhu Zhu as Kang Min, Ma Dayuan's wife
  • Zhao Zhen Ting as Quan Guanqing, leader of Dazhi branch, nicknamed "All Rounded Scholar"
  • Zhou Pu as Bai Shijing, law enforcement elder of Beggar Sect
  • Li Jun as Elder Chen
  • Shi Chuan Ming as Elder Wu
  • Yu Kuai (于快) as Elder Song
  • Han Cheng Cai as Elder Xi
  • Bai Jin Cheng as Elder Xu, a retired elder who appears at the meeting in Apricot Forest to affirm that the contents of the letter about Qiao Feng's origin are genuine
  • Su Gang (苏钢) as Elder Xiang, an elder in charge of supervising martial arts training
  • Cao Lei as Jiang Duozhu, leader of Dayi Branch
  • Wu Hai Bo as Li Chunlai, passed a false message to Bai Shijing

Murong Sect

Leader of Murong Sect in Gusu and Wang Yuyan's cousin. He is a descendant of the royal families of the Yan states of the Sixteen Kingdoms era.

Shaolin Sect

  • Li Hao Han as Xuan Ci, abbot of Shaolin
  • Yuen Cheung Yan as Sweeping Reverend, a nameless monk of unknown origin, his prowess in inner energy and martial arts is so powerful
  • Ma Jin Wen as Xuan Ji, head of the Discipline Hall, he specialises in using the palm skill "Once Clap, Two Scatters". He succeeds Xuanci as the abbot of Shaolin
  • Wu Li Hua as Xuan Nan, head of the Bodhidharma Hall
  • Zhi Hong as Xuan Du, he specialises in using the finger skill "Flower Pinching Finger"
  • Deng Li Min as Xuan Ku, Xiao Feng's teacher. He is mortally wounded by Xiao Yuanshan, who disguised himself as Xiao Feng
  • Li Jia Wei as Hui Lun, Xu Zhu's teacher
  • Li Jun Jin (李俊锦) as Hui Jing, a monk who catches the ice silkworm
  • Shu Xin (束薪) as Xuan Bei
  • Song Bin Wei as Xuan Kui
  • Ding Kai as Xuan Jing
  • Wang Wei as Xuan Can
  • Cao Yu as Master Zhi Guang
  • Yu Jin as Zhi Hui
  • Zhang Jia Xing (张佳兴) as Zhi Jing
  • Li Xiang (李享) as Zhi Ming
  • Wang Yu Bin (王豫斌) as Zhi Kong
  • Lan Zhuan Xiang (兰传翔) as Zhi Ran

The Four Evils

They are a group of four eccentric martial artists notorious for committing heinous crimes. The four are ranked in order of seniority:

  • Sun Wei as Duan Yanqing, nicknamed "Overflowing with Evil", a distant relative of Duan Zhengming and Duan Zhengchun, and a former crown prince of Dali kingdom.
  • Su Qian Wei as Ye Erniang, nicknamed "No Evil Left Undone", she suffers from an emotional breakdown and resorts to kidnapping other people's babies and treating them as her own before killing them, Xu Zhu's mother.
  • Dong Ke Fei as Yue Laosan, nicknamed "Crocodile Deity of the Southern Sea", armed with a pair of giant scissors, he often threatens to kill people by breaking their necks.
  • Wang Yi Fan as Yun Zhonghe, nicknamed "Thoroughly Cruel, Utterly Evil", is a lecherous fiend who preys on young women.

Carefree Sect

The Sect was founded by Xiao Yaozi. This sect is also known for its specialty in mechanism and traps. This sect doctrine is " Riding on heaven and earth, governing the 6 elements, roaming endlessly, that is carefree."

Leader of Carefree Sect. He passed on his cultivation and martial arts skills to Xu Zhu and appointed him as the new sect leader after the latter won a chess tournament against Su Xinghe.
  • Cong Rui Lin as Su Xinghe, Wu Yazi's first disciple, nicknamed "Deaf Mute Old Man" and "Intelligent Gentleman"
  • Meng Li as Li Qiushui, junior sister of Tianshan Tonglao and Wu Yazi.
  • Eight Friends of Hangu, they are Su Xinghe's apprentices. Each of them has a strong passion for a particular art or hobby:
    • Xi Yong (席勇) as Fan Bailing, nicknamed "Qi Devil"
    • Bo Chao Chun as Gou Du, nicknamed "Bookworm"
    • Qiao Zhan Xin (乔占鑫) as Wu Lingjun, nicknamed "Painting Enthusiast"
    • Mo Yang as Xue Muhua, nicknamed "Divine Physician"
    • Wang Yin Zhi (王胤之) as Feng A'san, nicknamed "Marvellous Craftsman"
    • Feng Sheng as Li Kuilei, nicknamed "Opera Fan"

Mount Heaven Sect

The Sect was founded by Tianshan Tonglao from the Carefree Sect and its headquarters is in Lingjiu Palace on the Piaomiao Peak of Mount Heaven. Its members were all women until Xu Zhu becomes its leader.

Founder of Mount Heaven Sect and master of the Lingjiu Palace, Wu Yazi & Li Qiushui's senior sister. She used the "Life and Death Talisman" to poison many smaller martial arts sects and force them to submit to her.

Lords of the 36 Caves & 72 Islands

They are a loose assembly of martial artists who were implanted with the "Life and Death Talisman", a deadly poison, and forced into submission by Tianshan Tonglao. Some of the Lords are:

A martial artist who broke into Lingjiu Palace. He chanced upon Tianshan Tonglao, who was in a temporary state of weakness, mistook her for a palace maid and captured her
  • Su Hao as Reverend Bu Ping, nicknamed "Dragon King"
  • Han Meng Wu as Sang Tugong, Lord of Bilin cave in Chuxi
  • Qu Shu Xian (渠述献) as Zhang Dafu, Lord of mysterious island in the northern sea
  • Gao Liang as Zhuo Bufan, nicknamed "God of Sword", is a formidable swordsman from the Yizihui Sword Sect
  • Zhang Yong Zhong (张永钟) as Daxin Duozhu
  • Yang Zuo Jiu as Sikong Xuan, Lord of Tibet Qiulong cave
  • Wu Xuan as Island Lord Qin, Lord of Seahorse Island
  • Jia Wei as Cave Lord An

Xingxiu Sect

The sect was founded by Ding Chunqiu, a former disciple of Carefree Sect.

  • Miao Hao Jun as Ding Chunqiu, nicknamed "Old Freak of Xingxiu", he was Wu Yazi's former disciple and founder of Xingxiu Sect, specializes in toxicology and poison-based martial arts, Ah Zi's teacher
  • Yang Chao (杨超) as Zhai Xingzi, Ding Chunqiu's eldest apprentice
  • Wang Xiao Shuai (王小帅) as Chu Chenzi, Ding Chunqiu's eighth apprentice

Limitless Sword Sect

The Sect is based on Limitless Mountain in Dali. It is renamed "Limitless Cave" after it becomes a subject of Lingjiu Palace.

Liao Kingdom / Khitans

Western Xia Kingdom

Princess Yinchuan of Western Xia, Li Qiushui's granddaughter and Wang Yuyan's cousin. She is abducted by Tianshan Tonglao, who makes her consume aphrodisiac and brings her to the ice cellar every night to make love with Xu Zhu
A Western Xia general. He is in charge of first class hall, an organization established by the Western Xia government to recruit martial artists from all over the Jianghu to serve as mercenaries

Heroes Gathering Manor


An adviser to the Tibetan ruler and a reputable monk from a monastery in the Daxue Mountains. He is well versed in Buddhism and martial arts, but does not follow the Buddhist code of conduct
A Tibetan prince who goes to Western Xia to participate in the contest for Princess Yinchuan's hand-in-marriage
A Jurchen warrior who encounters Xiao Feng by chance and witnesses him slaying a ferocious bear with his bare hands

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