Densetsu no Kyoshi

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Densetsu no Kyoshi


  • Title: 伝説の教師
  • Title (romaji): Densetsu no Kyoshi
  • Also known as: Legendary Teachers/Legend of Teachers
  • Format: Renzoku
  • Genre: School, Comedy
  • Episodes: 11
  • Viewership ratings: 18.97
  • Broadcast network: NTV
  • Broadcast period: 2000-Apr-15 to 2000-Jun-24
  • Air time: Saturday 21:00
  • Theme song: Seishun by The High Lows


A man who appears to have no particular passion for anything ironically proves effective with troubled high school students. Known as a legendary savior of problem schools, he shows up one day to salvage what's left of a class that had fallen apart completely. His highly unpredictable reactions and controversial advice to students shock the teachers and staffs much as they do the problem students themselves.


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Episode Titles & Ratings

Episode Title Ranting
01 「出現!! キレる教師」 26.1%
02 「女子高生拉致監禁!! ベストフレンドの条件」 20.1%
03 「学級裁判開始!! チカン教師は有罪?無罪?」 17.4%
04 「イジメのすすめ 死への秒読み始まる!!」 18.5%
05 「愛のコンドーム!! 恋愛中毒生徒の妊娠!?」 18.9%
06 「カンニングして何が悪い!? 下着泥棒の秘密」 17.6%
07 「タダ食い大作戦!学食美人母・涙の献立」 18.4%
08 「少女の命燃えつきて・・・教師漫才最後の贈物」 15.9%
09 「恐怖の転校生! 美少年が教師風間を殺す!」 16.9%
10 「顔のない17才爆破予告!! 2年D組監禁事件」 17.5%
11 「最後の授業・・・落ちこぼれ無免許教師の秘密が遂に!? 今世紀最後のキャスト登場 21.4%
Average 18.97


A hopeless inveterate gambler in debt (Matsumoto Hitoshi) is beaten up by a gangboss (Takenaka Naoto), and forced to work in a highschool as a lead teacher til he pays his debts off. His co-teacher is demoted by the gangboss (secretly) and is played by Nakai Masahiro. Hitoshi and Masahiro have incredible rapport, stunning comedic dialogues, and a brilliant staging during their 11 adventures as they problem solve difficulties in the high school in areas such as: bullying, a mother/son problem, an arrogant girl with no friends, a suicide, and all along Hitoshi is shaken down by the gangboss everytime he receives a paycheck.

Some call it the comic side of GTO.

For Americans it is the equivalent of "Room 222" or "Welcome back Kotter", but with an IQ of 150, not 25. A smart series, with unpredictable incredible plotting, superb comic patter (the comic routines were scripted by Hitoshi/Naoto, and at times improvised).

No script for this on the internet in English, and no translations on any disk available in English, but was available for a time in HK with Chinese subtitles as a bootleg.

Waiting to be made into a film.

Brilliant. 10/10.

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