Desperate Love

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Desperate Love


  • Title: 傾城絕戀 / Qing Cheng Jue Lian
  • Also known as: Griefing over Qing Palace/ Desperate Love
  • Genre: Period drama, romance
  • Episodes: 42
  • Broadcast network: Hunan TV
  • Broadcast period: 2012-Jul-18
  • Opening theme song: A Lifetime's Love (一生鍾情) by Huo Si Yu
  • Ending theme song: Reluctant Lifetime (在世情愿) by Liu Ke / Huo Si Yu


A Mongolian Princess named Mei Li with her father, a Mongolian Prince, arrives to the capitol, Bei Jing. Love at first sight when she was saved by a Qing Prince named Jing Xuan from falling. They never exchange names. The Mongolian Princess with her father see the Grand Empress Dowager. The Qing Prince and Mongolian Princess see each other again inside the palace. In the dark of night, the Mongolian Prince is assassinated. Since the Grand Empress Dowager has a liking to the Mongolian Princess, she has her grandson, the Kang Xi Emperor bestow Mei Li the rank of "He Shuo Ge Ge" (Princess of First Rank). Many people do not like Mei Li as she's not use to Qing Customs, but because she is favored by the Grand Empress Dowager, people secretly plot to get rid of her....

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