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Detective Dee


  • Title: 通天狄仁杰 / Tong Tian Di Ren Jie
  • English title: Detective Dee
  • Genre: Period, detective
  • Episodes: 66
  • Broadcast network: Anhui TV
  • Broadcast period: 2017-Aug-21


Di Ren Jie is a promising provincial government official with quick wit and a penchant for bending the rules to carry out justice. On a visit to the capital, he was asked to assist in solving the mysterious death of a court physician, which had baffled his esteemed colleagues. The case was utmost important, as well as top secret, because the alleged killer was Emperor's secret mistress, Wu Mei Niang. Unless they find the real murderer within 3 days, she was scheduled to be burned as a witch. Di Ren Jie reached out to Murong Qing, an expert in medicine and poison, to decipher what caused the physician's strange death. Their investigation led them down a path of secret weapons, hidden treasure, and imperial conspiracy. They soon realized the behind-the-scene power players had other nefarious plans beyond the execution of Wu Mei Niang.

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