Lü Bu and Diaochan

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Die Wu Tian Ya


  • Title: 蝶舞天涯 / Die Wu Tian Ya
  • Also known as: 吕布与貂蝉 / Lu (Lv) Bu Yu Diao Chan (Lu Bu and Diao Chan)
  • Genre: Wuxia, fantasy, romance
  • Episodes: 35
  • Broadcast year(s): 2002 / 2004


This drama is based loosely on the story of Lu Bu and Diao Chan from Romance of the Three Kingdoms.

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  • This series originally aired in 2002 with the title "吕布与貂蝉" (Lu Bu Yu Diao Chan). However, it was deemed to be too violent for television and was pulled, edited, and revamped into "蝶舞天涯" (Die Wu Tian Ya), which aired in 2004.*
  • This is the first TV series directed by Chen Kai Ge, who is one of China's most established and well-known movie directors. His wife, Chen Hong, stars as Diao Chan.

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