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  • Title: 関ジャニ∞青春ドラマシリーズ
  • Title (romaji):
  • Also known as: Kanjani8 Fuyu Yasumi Drama Special / Kanjani8 Winter Break Drama Special
  • Episodes: 3
  • Broadcast network: KTV
  • Broadcast period: 2006-Dec-27 to 2006-Dec-29
  • Air time: 16:55-17:55


The Kanjani8 Winter Break Drama Special includes the original sports drama "Dive To The Future", the pianist psycho suspense drama "Double", and the wire action drama "Kemarishi". Various members of the JPop group Kanjani8 play roles in each episode.

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Dive to the Future[edit]

  • Title: 「DIVE TO THE FUTURE」 / ダイブ・トゥ・ザ・フューチャー
  • Genre: sports drama
  • Air date: 2006-Dec-27

Seiji (Murakami Shingo) is a college student who leads a mediocre life without anything to be passionate for. Things start to change, however, when Seiji discovers he needs to find a way to get credit for a class or he won't be able to graduate!

The instructor, Hoshino (Sugimoto Aya), makes him a deal: if he joins her diving team, she'll give him the credit he needs. Surrounded by quirky teammates and rivals, will Seiji finally find his passion and break out of his lackluster life?

This is a sports drama about youth with quirky characters and a nice dose of comedy along the way.

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  • Title: ダブル (複体)
  • Title (romaji):
  • Genre: psycho suspense drama
  • Air date: 2006-Dec-28
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  • Title: 蹴鞠師
  • Title (romaji): Kemarishi
  • Genre: action drama
  • Air date: 2006-Dec-29

"Kemarishi" centers around college friends and their love of "Cuju" (traditional football).

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