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  • Title: どんまい!
  • Title (romaji): Donmai!
  • Also known as: Don't Mind! / Never Mind!
  • Format: Yorudora
  • Genre: Human drama
  • Episodes: 24 (15 mins. each, 6 weeks)
  • Broadcast network: NHK
  • Broadcast period: 2005-Nov-14 to 2005-Dec-22
  • Air time: Monday through Thursday at 23:00
  • Theme song: Matteite ne by Ozaki Ami


The 27th and final NHK Yorudora is Donmai, based on a manga by Yajima Masao. Satomi Yuu begins to work at a nursing home on a trial-period basis as a home caregiver. Her motto is "Donmai!" She encounters many families with problems during her job, and helps them with their troubles and resolves their differences. Yuu discovers what it really means to care for people - not just physically, but mentally as well, in this heart-warming and funny drama.

-- translated from excerpts of NHK synopsis by awrittensin

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Episode Titles (By Week)[edit]

  • Week 1: "Run, Yuu"
  • Week 2: "Dance, Yuu"
  • Week 3: "Believe, Yuu"
  • Week 4: "Cry, Yuu"
  • Week 5: "Love, Yuu"
  • Week 6: "Smile, Yuu"

-- translated by awrittensin

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