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A stub is a very short article, generally of one paragraph or less. Most stubs fail to cover all but the most trivial subjects completely. However, this does not mean the stub is not a legitimate article -- it just needs to be expanded.

If you find a short or otherwise incomplete article in DramaWiki that you feel should be expanded, edit it and add the {{stub}} tag to the bottom of it. The article will then be flagged as a stub and listed on the stub category page.

Categorized stubs

Please put stub-sized articles into appropriate stub categories. If possible, stubs should be marked with a stub tag for a specific topic instead of a generic stub tag. For example, the {{jdrama-stub}} tag should be used for all JDrama-related stubs. See DramaWiki:Stub categories for a complete listing of supported topics.

Finding stubs

You can locate stub articles through the following links:

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