Endless August

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Endless August


  • Title: 时光里的我们 / Shi Guang Li De Wo Men
  • English title: Endless August
  • Also known as: 八月未央 / Ba Yue Wei Yang
  • Genre: Romance
  • Episodes: 40
  • Broadcast network: TBA
  • Broadcast period: TBA


Weiyang, Lin Qiao and Zhao Yan are classmates in both high school and university. Weiyang and Lin Qiao are close friends. Zhao Yan likes Weiyang, while Lin Qiao likes Zhao Yan. After graduation, Weiyang enters a publication company, Lin Qiao hangs around filming sets looking for an opportunity and Zhao Yan worked in a design company. Shen Bayue spends his time idling around. One day while Shen Bayue becomes injured while fighting, he was saved by Weiyang and thereafter enters her life. He becomes employed in Weiyang's company, causing alot of trouble there and resulting in tension between him and Weiyang. However later he solves all the problems and becomes closer with Weiyang. Meanwhile, Lin Qiao faces problems in her career and becomes frustrated when she sees Zhao Yan and Weiyang together. This results in the friendship between Weiyang and Lin Qiao to be broken and Lin Qiao constantly picks on Weiyang. Zhao Yan, seeing her and Shen Bayue's relationship, decides to leave Weiyang. Zhao Yan then leaves the country to sort out his problems in life and look for the right answer. After many years, Lin Qiao realizes her mistakes, Zhao Yan finds his true love and Weiyang attains what she wants in both her career and love life.


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