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  • Title: エンジン
  • Title (English): Engine
  • Genre: Love, comedy
  • Episodes: 11
  • Viewership ratings: 22.42%
  • Broadcast network: Fuji TV
  • Broadcast period: 2005-Apr-18 to 2005-Jun-27
  • Air time: Monday 21:00
  • Theme song: I Can See Clearly Now by Jimmy Cliff


Jiro Kanzaki is an F3000 test driver blessed with acute sensitivity and breathtaking driving techniques. He's a daredevil who feels no fear driving at speeds that even top racers dare not attempt. But unexpected trouble forces this world-famous racer to leave his team and return to Japan for the first time in years. Until he finds a new job as a racer, Jiro decides to stay with his parents. What awaits Jiro there is his hardheaded father, his nagging sister, the 12 children of the foster home his father runs, a snobbish male nurse, and a stubborn female nurse who likes to daydream about her life.

Jiro's return home brings a breath of fresh air that influences the people around him. However, he is still unaware that he too will eventually be influenced to change the way he thinks and lives. -- Fuji TV

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The Children of Kaze no Oka Home

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A New Dimension to Kimura Takuya

'The story of a race car driver who meets a woman that changes his life', this was what I thought this drama was going to be about since Kimura Takuya's other dramas have always had romance making up a large part of the plot. However, this drama was not like that. Instead, the major focus of the story was the kids of Kaze no Oka. Each episode focuses on a different child.

We see a different part of Kimura Takuya in this drama and it's definitely something very heart-warming. He does so well in portraying the laid-back, at times immature, but thoughtful and caring Kanzaki Jiro. He brings a different point of view for the children and his way with dealing with their problems was sweet. Koyuki, on the other hand, plays Tomomi-sensei, a very uptight teacher that cares very much for the kids, but doesn't really understand them as Jiro could. As the drama progresses, we see changes in the way that Tomomi-sensei deals with the children.

Even though romance wasn't a significant part of the story, I felt that I enjoyed the short, but sweet and oftentimes funny interaction between Kimura and Koyuki. Excellent drama. The cast acted wonderfully, especially the children, and some parts of the story will surely bring a tear or two to your eyes.

  • Rating: 5/5 (Life-Altering)

Episode Information

Episode Subtitle Rating (Kanto)
01 Enter the 13th Child 25.3%
02 Start from Zero 22.5%
03 A Day with One's Future at Stake 19.6%
04 Trivial Confession 23.1%
05 Our Secret 22.3%
06 17-year-old Bride 21.5%
07 The Home Closes! 22.2%
08 Bye-bye, Jiro 21.5%
09 Sink or Swim 21.8%
10 Last Run 22.5%
11 Winning Run 24.3%

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