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Fairyland Lovers


  • Title: 蓬莱间 / Peng Lai Jian
  • English title: Fairyland Lovers
  • Genre: Fantasy, romance, suspense
  • Episodes: 35
  • Broadcast network: Tencent
  • Broadcast period: 2020-Jan-06
  • Original soundtrack: Fairyland Lovers OST


Bai Qi is a "spiritual doctor" at Yanyu Hutong No.18 clinic who treats patients in exchange for their most precious possession. During his missions, he meets a third-rate actress named Lin Xia, and unravels a love story that happened a millennium ago.

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A doctor who helps spirits let go of mortal desires and transforms them into proper human beings.
Reincarnation of a heaven soldier and Bai Qi's lover. A third-rated actress who is from a family of wushu artists.
Extended cast

Golden House

  • Li Chuan as Xiang Boyan, a sinister CEO who is obsessed with money. A young warlord who was in love with Zi Xuan.
  • Yu Xin He as Zi Xuan, Xiang Boyan's secretary. A spiritual being. She was once a musician who was in love with Xiang Boyan.
  • Ou Yang Han Jia (欧阳旺佳) as Li Hanqing, Xiang Boyan's friend

Never Separate

  • Jiang Lin (姜琳) as Mu Mei, a woman who was disfigured through a fire
  • Xu Wei Luo as Mu Xiu, Mu Mei's nephew. Descendant of a Heavenly Soldier.

Person in the Portrait

  • Kenneth Tsang as Hai Mingqian, a famed painter who owned a magical brush that allowed him to paint people's emotions and thoughts
  • A Li Ya as Ai Lin, a model and Hai Mingqian's lover. Descendant of a country traitor.
  • A Li Ya as Hai Tang
  • Yang Guang as Uncle Su, housekeeper of Hai Mingqian
  • Li Hong Lei as Cai Zhicheng, a man that threatened Ai Lin to be with him using her birth secret

Dolphin Poison

Trail of Locking Heart


Recurring cast

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