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Tong Hua Er Fen Zhi Yi


  • Title: 童话二分之一 / Tong Hua Er Fen Zhi Yi
  • Also known as: Fairy Tale of 1/2 / Half a Fairy Tale / Fairy Tale in Half
  • Genre: Romance, business, suspense
  • Episodes: 33
  • Broadcast period: 2012-Aug-27
  • Broadcast network: Hunan TV
  • Air time: 19:30


Zhao Ting Yu and Zhao Ting Xuan are twins who were separated at a young age. With their grandfather getting older and older sister Ting Xuan having contracted a serious illness, Ting Yu was brought back to protect the household and take charge of the family business. To stabilize the Zhao family business, the two sisters must overcome their initial estrangement and work together to withstand the scheming Jing Qing Yu. Fighting alongside them are Ting Yuan's fiancé Du Yu Feng and Jing Qing Yu's own son, Jing Wei. In the process, Ting Yu and Ting Xuan realize their own strengths as they taste both the sweetness and bitterness of maturation, but most importantly, they finally experience the true meaning of "family."

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