Fast Track Love

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Che Shen


  • Title: 车神 / Che Shen
  • English title: Fast Track Love
  • Genre: Romance, action
  • Episodes: 26
  • Broadcast period: 2006-Aug-24 start
  • Opening theme song: Moving Forward by Lu Yi
  • Ending theme song: Bu Yao Ba Wo Shou Fang Kai (不要把我手放开) Don't Let Go of My Hand by Zhao Wei


Zhang Jia Xiang is a racer who has been fired from a racing club because he took the blame for the car accident caused by Huo Jun Cong. Now he must earn enough money to re-join the club. Meanwhile, he meets Chen Xiao Xiao, and their relationship grows deeper and deeper. Ouyang Qian grew up with Jia Xiang and loves him very much, but in Jia Xiang's eyes, Qian is only a sister. And thus the conflicts begin as his adventure of love gets underway.

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