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Fight Song


  • Title: ファイトソング / Fight Song
  • Format: Renzoku
  • Genre: Human Drama, Life, Romance, Comedy
  • Episodes: 10
  • Viewership ratings: 8.0%
  • Broadcast network: TBS
  • Broadcast period: 2022-Jan-11 to 2022-Mar-15
  • Air time: Tuesday 22:00
  • Theme song: Flow by Perfume
  • Original soundtrack: Fight Song OST


Kisara Hanae is a girl who grew up in an orphanage with brightness and fighting spirit. She used to dream of representing Japan in karate but suddenly ended her dream and fell at the bottom of her life. One day, Hanae meets Ashida Haruki, a composer of a hype song that she always listens to before her matches. Hanae has never fallen in love as she has been focusing on karate, while Haruki struggles to write a good song as he doesn't understand people's hearts. The duo then decided to have a "fake serious romance" together. Meanwhile, Natsukawa Shingo is a childhood friend of Hanae and has always liked her. The relationship eventually develops into a love triangle. However, Hanae has a "secret" that she can't tell and decides that "this love shall be the last love of her life".

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Orphanage "Asahi Gakuen"
House Cleaning Company "Sunshine Cleaning"
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Episode Information

Date Episode Subtitle Ratings
2022-01-11 01 Let's give it our all! A sporty girl's first attempt at love! 9.2
2022-01-18 02 Sudden heartbreak!? The reason for the love and tears that began to move in a rapidly accelerating love triangle 8.1
2022-01-25 03 A hard study of love! Can I kiss on the first date? Love in a big battle 8.2
2022-02-01 04 Love ends with a sudden kiss!? Kimi ni Todoke, the first song I ever made after meeting you 7.7
2022-02-08 05 Shouting love at the Camp of Doom; the last decision is a shocking one... Then I'll...! 7.7
2022-02-15 06 Many confessions!? Amusement park dates and childhood friend vows... I'll never stop loving you 6.5
2022-02-22 07 A night of tears and jealousy that reveals all!? Can I kiss you? 7.8
2022-03-01 08 The conclusion of love! 'A man who breaks up with you because he loves you' VS 'A man who won't let you go because he loves you' 8.2
2022-03-08 09 A new stage, a new love story!? Unchanged heart and changed relationship 7.6
2022-03-15 10 A miracle in clumsy love. This is our starting line! 9.4
Average 8.0

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