Flower of Evil

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Flower of Evil


  • Title: 악의 꽃 / Agui Kkot
  • Genre: Melodrama, suspense, thriller
  • Episodes: 16
  • Broadcast network: tvN
  • Broadcast period: 2020-Jul-29 to 2020-Sep-23
  • Air time: Wednesday & Thursday 22:50
  • Original Soundtrack: Flower of Evil OST


Cha Ji Won is a police detective. Her husband, Baek Hee Sung, seems like a loving husband and father, but one day she discovers that things are not as they seem. He has apparently been living under another man's identity and hiding a sinister past.


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Correlation chart
Main Cast
People around Hee Sung
People around Ji Won
  • Jo Kyung Sook (조경숙) as Moon Young Ok (Ji Won's mother)
  • Jung Seo Yun (정서연) as Baek Eun Ha (Hee Sung & Ji Won's daughter)
People around Hae Soo
Kangsoo Police Station
  • Hong Seo Jun as Oh Young Joon (Chief of Police)
  • Choi Young Joon (최영준) as Choi Jae Sub (Veteran detective and Ji Won's senior)
  • Choi Dae Hoon as Lee Woo Cheol (Team leader of Ji Won's homicide team)
  • Kim Soo Oh (김수오) as Im Ho Joon (Ji Won's partner)
  • Im Chul Hyung (임철형) as Yoon Sang Pil (Chief of homicide division)
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