Flying Tiger

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Flying Tiger


  • Title: 飞虎之雷霆极战 / Fei Hu Zhi Lei Ting Ji Zhan
  • English title: Flying Tiger
  • Genre: Action, police, suspense
  • Episodes: 30
  • Broadcast network: Youku, TVB
  • Broadcast period:
    • 2019-Sep-06 (Youku)
    • 2020-May-18 (TVB)


The story of the A-Team established to deal with major and special cases. It upholds the spirit of the Chinese Hong Kong police, which is dedicated to its duties, promotes good and eliminates evil, and is just and unselfish. It prevents various criminal cases and criminal damage in secret operations, also tells the safety of citizens, the maintenance of public order and prosperity and development.


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