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Gank Your Heart


  • Title: 陪你到世界之巅 / Pei Ni Dao Shi Jie Zhi Dian
  • English title: Gank Your Heart
  • Also known as: 电竞恋人 / Dian Jing Lian Ren
  • Genre: eSports, Romance, Youth
  • Episodes: 35
  • Broadcast network: Mango TV
  • Broadcast period: 2019-Jun-09
  • Original soundtrack: Gank Your Heart OST


Romance between a talented professional gamer and a proud Internet celebrity.

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Actor Role Notes
Wang Yi Bo Ji Xiangkong A brilliant strategist who strangely has a tarnished reputation in the e-sports scene. Previous leader of Team Legends and Team VNG, current leader of Team Phoenix. He has the nickname of "Battle Swindler" and "Hand Remnant".
Wang Zi Xuan Qiu Ying A rising internet broadcaster who aims to become a professional esports commentator.
Actor Role Notes
Yan Yu Hao Pei Xi Known as a rising mid-solo star player of China's e-sports scene. Previous leader of Team VNG and Team Legends. He is a loner and does not like to work with others. He admires Ji Xiangkong and considers him as a worthy opponent.
Ding Guan Sen Lin Yixuan Known as one of the great support players. Previous member of Team Legends. Ji Xiangkong's close friend. He likes Lu Yiyi.
Cheng Qi Meng Sun Zeyi Owner of an internet cafe. Previous member of Team Founders. He left the team and quit the esports scene for an unknown reason. Ji Xiangkong's mentor. Shu Wen's boyfriend.
Yan Xu Jia Xia Ling A talented genius with an IQ of 409, who loves playing basketball. Qiu Ying's brother.
Actor Role Notes
Gao Tai Yu Gu Fang Former leader of Team Legends. Known as the most powerful mid-solo of China's e-sports scene. Ji Xiangkong's mentor.
Hu Yun Hao Luo Tian The most famous esports commentator in China. Qiu Ying's mentor. He likes Qiu Ying.
Wang Zi Yun Shu Wen Co-founder and coach of Team VNG. Later becomes an instructor of Team Phoenix. Sun Zeyi's girlfriend.
Zhang Xiao Qian Summer Owner of Dream Journey internet cafe. Pei Xi's cousin.
Chai Hao Wei Li Gan Co-founder of Team VNG. Once a reserve member of Team Founders, he replaced Sun Zeyi who left the team. He has an unrequited love for Shu Wen.
Actor Role Notes
Zeng Yi Jun Huo Yao Jungle of Team Legends. He was threatened by Zhao Yang to sabotage Ji Xiangkong during a game.
Yan Hao Yuan Lu Feng Carry of Team Legends.
Yu Pei Shan Li Nan He replaced Gu Fang who left the team.
Chen Zi Hao Luo Jie Trainer of Team Legends.
Guo Zi Yu Zhao Yang Manager of Team Legends. A vile and malicious man who dislikes Ji Xiangkong, and tried multiple times to sabotage him.
Zhang Duo Wang Bin Zhao Yang's assistant.
He Bin CEO Jin Founder of Team Legends.
Actor Role Notes
Ge Zhao En Qi Yue One of the founding members of Team VNG. He was jealous that Ji Xiangkong got the position as team leader, and tried to sabotage him by leaking their battle techniques.
Liu Zhe Hui Lu Sheng An unsociable man who only seeks stability and lacks fighting spirit. He began to recover his fighting spirit after being spurred by Ji Xiangkong.
Ma Xin Tong Wu A timid man who lacks confidence. After he was guided by Ji Xiangkong, he began to discover his talents.
Guan Ze Qiang Shen Yue Qi Yue's sidekick.
Miao You Sheng Liu Miao A replacement player for Qi Yue.
Actor Role Notes
Lu Xiao Yu Lu Yiyi An esports news reporter. Qiu Ying's close friend. She likes Lin Yixuan.
Huang Xin Yao Qiao Xin An internet broadcaster. A proud, scheming and manipulative woman who uses different men for her own benefits. She was jealous that Qiu Ying overshadowed her, and tried to sabotage her. She is Qi Yue's girlfriend, but likes Pei Xi.
Lu Yang Yang Fu Miya A famous singer. Ji Xiangkong's ex-girlfriend and first love. She tries to win back Ji Xiangkong's heart.
Liu Jun Qiu Jianhua Qiu Ying's father.
Zhang Yan Yan Xia Shumin Xia Ling's mother.
Liu Xiao Liang Qiu Ying's mother.
Chen Mu A Can An esports commentator. He often helps Qiao Xin cheat.
Gao Xuan Ming Fei Mao Qiu Ying's friend at Dream Voyage Internet Cafe.
Liu Yang Shou Houzi Qiu Ying's friend at Dream Voyage Internet Cafe.
Shu Yu Yellow Haired Girl The former number one gamer at Dream Voyage Internet Cafe. She was defeated by Qiu Ying.
Shi Dao Tony Fu Miya's manager.
Brian Xia Jeffery Leader of Team Titans.
Zhang Zhang Yan Yan Qiu Ying's ex-colleague. She was threatened by Qiao Xin to sabotage Qiu Ying.

Production Credits[edit]

  • Original Writing: Pei Ni Dao Shi Jie Zhi Dian (陪你到世界之巅) by Nanye Lin'er (南野琳儿)
  • Director: Sha Wei Qi (沙维琪)
  • Screenwriter: Zhang Chan Juan (张婵娟)
  • Company: Mango TV, Grand Media

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