Gloomy Salad Days (song)

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  • Song title: Gloomy Salad Days
  • Sung by: Wan Fang 萬芳
  • Music and Lyrics: Mumu, ARNY / Guo Jin Nu 郭晉汝
  • Related drama: Gloomy Salad Days


花開 在那片荒蕪頹廢沒有顧忌的海上
你說 如果我們都不再呼吸也沒有關係

oh my gloomy salad days


Lyrics (Hanyu pinyin)

hua kai zai na pian huang wu tui fei mei you gu ji de hai shang
ni shuo ru guo wo men dou bu zai hu xi ye mei you guan xi

oh my gloomy salad days

jie guo ri chu hou ta sui cheng pao mo
xuan wo jin tou mei you ni mei you wo
zhang da yi hou wu liao de mo yi tian
wo men ca jian er guo mei you xiang nian


Flower bloomed on the desolate ocean without inhibition
You said that it's alright even if we didn't breath again

Oh, my gloomy salad days

Turned out she shattered into bubbles when the sun came up
At the bottom of the vortex, there was no you, there was no me
On one boring day after we grow up
We would pass by each other without recollection
--WaterOB 01:40, 2 November 2010 (UTC)