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Godfrey Gao


  • Name: 高以翔 / Gao Yi Xiang
  • English name: Godfrey Gao
  • Real name: 曹志翔 / Cao Zhi Xiang
  • Profession: Model and actor
  • Birthdate: 1984-Sep-22
  • Date of death: 2019-Nov-27 (aged 35)
  • Birthplace: Taipei, Taiwan
  • Height: 195cm
  • Weight: 88kg
  • Star sign: Virgo
  • Chinese zodiac: Rat
  • Blood type: O

About Godfrey Gao[edit]

Godfrey Gao, born Cao Zhi Xiang, was born in Taipei, Taiwan. His family moved out to Vancouver, Canada when he was only nine years old where he grew up. Godfrey Gao studied at the Capilano University in Vancouver, after graduating from college, he returned to Taiwan and planned to become a professional basketball player he, however, became a model and made a number of advertising works and magazine photos, which opened his way to a performing career. Godfrey Gao's grandfather is a landlord near Dihua Street in Taipei. His father is a Michelin company agent who has retired for many years. His mother is a full-time housewife for her family. Godfrey Gao is the third child at home, he has two older brothers the second brother Gao Yuqiao is three years older than him and is also a model.

In 2006, he starred in the idol drama "The Magicians of Love" starring Ming Dao, Joanne Tseng and Sam Wang, and played Fan Xiaoling's boyfriend in the drama. This was his first TV drama, which officially entered him in the entertainment industry. In the same year, with Lee Wei and Chen Yi Rong, Co-starred in the idol drama "[[The Kid from Heaven]", in the drama, he played the role of the right-looking English, gentleman-like second man “Luo Yixiang”, and thus received attention for his acting; then, he starred in the youth idol drama directed by Ming Jincheng "Love Queen”, in the drama he plays the role of the captain of the hockey team “Wang Zhengxun”.

In 2007, he co-starred with Yang Ming Wei, Chen De Lie, Ivy Chen, Chloe Wang and Li Yi, "Wo Yao Bian Cheng Ying Shi Zi", and played “ Xinhu”, who loved “Sun Shishi” in the drama. In the same year, he worked with Mike He, Hebe Tien and Lee Wei in the drama "Bull Fighting", where he had a support role playing the Bluefield College student nicknamed "Tank". In 2008, he appeared in the love comedy film "All About Women" directed by Xu Ke and played X-man in the film. This was his first film work, which officially entered him in the film industry. In 2009, he co-starred with Cyndi Wang, Wang Dong Cheng in the idol drama "Momo Love". In the drama, he played the heroine "Chen Taohua's" fourth brother "Chen He", and Cyndi Wang played a pair of brothers and sisters. In 2010, he co-starred with Annie Chen, Lan Jun Tian and Cindy Song in the love idol drama "Volleyball Lover". In the drama, he played the role of “Bai Qian Rui”, in the same year, he dubbed Ken in the animated film "Toy Story 3". In 2011, he co-starred with Chen Zhi Kai, [[Alice Tseng] and Maggie Wu in the idol drama "Odd Perfect Match". On 2012 Godfrey co-starred with Chen Qiao En, Zhang Han and Zhang Meng to play in the idol drama "The Queen of SOP", playing the leading role in the drama. Lin Xiao Jie's ex-boyfriend Gao Zi Qi.

In 2013, he stars in the love movie "101 proposal", directed by Taiwanese director Chen Zhengdao tarring Lin Zhiling, Huang Wei, Qin Haizhen and Godfrey Gao, The film was released in China during Valentine's Day in 2013 and won more than 200 million yuan at the box office, setting a box office record for the Valentine's Day love film in the mainland film market. In the same year Godfrey along with Li Xue Qing and Li Xin Ru starred in the urban emotional drama "Gorgeous", in the same year, cooperating with Yin Hang, Wang Yangming and Yan Kai to star in the drama "Qian Duo Lian Ai Ji", he played the handsome and confident male lead "Xu Fei" On August of the same year, Gao Yixiang played the mysterious Oriental Magnus Bane in the fantasy movie "The Mortal Instruments: The City of the Bone" it was released in the United States, which was his first entry to Hollywood.

In 2014, he co-starred with Ming Dao, Li Qin and Hu Bing, in the idol drama "Ru Guo Wo Ai Ni", and played the artist "Yan Jun" in the drama. In the same year, he appeared in the romantic comedy micro movie "Wedding Bible" directed by Xu Renmao. In the role of the leading actor Yu Kai the film tells the story of the relationship between two pairs of young men and women living in Shanghai, about feelings and entrepreneurship.

In 2016, he co-starred with Wang Shuilin and Fan Tiantian in the campus love comedy movie "Min & Max", playing the leading role in the film Zhang Wei; then, cooperating with Marbury, Zheng Xiuzhen and Wu Zun he starred in the inspirational movie "I am Marbury also known as "My Other Home""; he also co-starred with Lin Geng Xin, Im Yoon Ah and Kim Jung Hoon to star in the fantasy drama "Wu Shen Zhao Zi Long". In the drama, he played the martial arts high-powered Lu Bu, this was his very first costume drama.

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  • Education: Capilano University
  • Godfrey Gao died of a heart attack while on a Chinese reality game show.

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