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  • Title: ホットマン
  • Title (English): HOTMAN
  • Format: Renzoku
  • Genre: Family, human drama
  • Broadcast network: TBS

Season 1



Sorimachi Takashi plays school art teacher Enzo Furiya, who takes care of his 5-year-old daughter, Nanami, of which he has no idea who her mother is. He also lives with his four siblings, whose fathers are all different. Nanami suffers from severe atopic dermatitis, so Enzo throws himself into managing her diet to alleviate her condition. He is so determined to raise Nanami well, he doesn't appear to have any spare time for a girlfriend. And yet, Enzo finds himself drawn to Misuzu Kaneko, a health teacher at his school. Enzo pursues life passionately for his little girl and his family. (TBS)

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Episode Information

Ep Title (Kana) Title (English) Rating
01 異父姉弟と愛娘 Half-Siblings and a Beloved Daughter 17.4%
02 亡母の遺産と誤算 Our Late Mother's Inheritance and Miscalculations 14.6%
03 降矢家に恋の嵐!? A Storm of Love in the Furuya Household 13.9%
04 家族全員が危機一髪 The Whole Family is at a Critical Moment 12.7%
05 悲しい誕生日会 A Sad Birthday Party 13.7%
06 降矢家、炎上!? The Furuya's, Destroyed by Fire? 13.8%
07 降矢家崩壊の危機 The Furuya's on the Verge of Collapse 14.8%
08 親父とは認めない I do not Acknowledge you as my Father 12.8%
09 俺を残して死ぬな Don't Die and Leave me! 14.9%
10 七海の母親発見!? The Discovery of Nanami's Mother!? 14.1%
11 理想の父親とは? So Just What is an Ideal Father? 14.2%

Season 2

Hotman 2
  • Episodes: 12
  • Viewership ratings: 10.38
  • Broadcast period: 2004-Oct-21 to 2004-Dec-23
  • Air time: Thursday 22:00
  • Theme song: HERO by EXILE
  • Insert song: Anata ga Iru Dake de by Toshiba EMI


The return of "HOTMAN" who puts his family above all else.

This return of the energetic patriarch, Enzo Furuya (Takashi Sorimachi) and his family in a new story - HOTMAN 2. New cast members include Misaki Ito, who replace Manami Konishi, and Miho Shiraishi in the nostalgic working class setting. They aren't rich, but are somehow heroic and full of energy.

In an effort to improve Nanami's allergies, Enzo gets a transfer to a primary school in a small seaside town. The oldest sister Shima (Misaki Ito) opens a natural food stores. Hinata (Yui Ichikawa) takes a job as a nurse and younger brothers Haiji (Shota Saito) and Ryunosuke (Keita Saito) set out on their own.

One day, Shima drops in on Enzo. Something strikes Enzo as not right about Shima's demeanor and he follows her back to Yokohama only to discover that their house there has been put up for sale! Shima's natural food business has failed leaving large debts, which Enzo and his family will have to shoulder. But when Enzo sees the exhausted Shima, he can't bring himself to scold her. In order to help Shima, he starts a plan where the family will all live together again. (TBS)


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Episode Information

Ep Title (Kana) Title (English) Rating
01 N/A N/A 12.2%
02 一人ぼっちの七海 Nanami All Alone 13.2%
03 七海と給食の秘密 Nanami and the School Lunch Secret 10.2%
04 いちごはお友だち Ichigo is my Friend 10.6%
05 思い出を作ろう We'll Make a Memory 12.1%
06 家族の誇り The Pride of the Family 13.5%
07 妹がなくしたもの The Thing which my Younger Sister Lost 08.4%
08 姉がいない家 The Oldest Sister left the House 09.8%
09 七海のママは誰? Who is Nanami's Mother? 09.3%
10 七海の恩返し Nanami's Requital of a Favor 09.2%
11 結婚する弟へ To my Younger Brother who is going to get Married 08.2%
12 降矢家のHERO HERO of the Furuyas 07.8%

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