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Halina Tam
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Halina in TVB
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Halina Now
Chinese Name:
  • 譚小環 (Tam-Siu-Wan)
  • September 6, 1972
  • TVB Actress (1997-2011)
  • CEO of Snack Company
  • Actress (semi-retired)
  • Model/Spokesperson (semi-retired)
  • Singer (retired)
  • Business Owner (2013 - Present)
  • Eric Choi (Husband 2007 - Present)
  • Mother
    • 3 Sisters
  • Panyu, Guangdong, China


  • Name: 譚小環 (谭小环) / Tam Siu Wan (Tan Xiao Huan)
  • English name: Halina Tam
  • Also known as: May
  • Profession: Actress and singer
  • Birthdate: 1972-Sep-06
  • Birthplace: Hong Kong
  • Height: 170cm
  • Weight: 52kg
  • Star sign: Virgo
  • Chinese zodiac: Rat
  • Family: Husband and three sisters


Early Days[edit]

Halina was born in Hong Kong along and lived with three sisters. When she was little, she lived at the Wah Fu Estate and her mother was a street hawker, selling pajamas. Around 1992, she worked as a flight attendant at a local airline company and it gave her a chance to tour the world and meet people. Her life would change when she entered 1994's Miss HK Pageant.

1994 Miss HK Pageant & Entering TVB[edit]

Encouraged by friends and family, she agreed to join the pageant and won. Halina admitted she didn't think she would win and was surprised she did. She went on to represent HK in 1995's Miss Chinese International Pageant and won 5th place. She also attended 1995's Miss Universe, placed at 45th place. She would develop a singing career with BMG (1997) and even did a duet with [[Ekin Cheng]; her singing career was limited and she devoted herself to acting. She would join TVB in 1997 to begin her acting career and it would span nearly two decades.


On September 11, 2007, Halina married her boyfriend Eric Choi (aka Choi Keung Wing), a HK insurance manager.

Leaving TVB & Retirement[edit]

By 2011, Halina decided to retire from TVB. Despite working for the company for 18 years, she had a monthly salary of $18000-HKD (~$2302.07 USD) and TVB offered only offered $300-HKD (~$38.37 USD) raise as a contract renewal incentive. With limited wages and dwindling roles available to her, she decided not to renew and attempted to look into developing her own business. Her last known appearance was in 2012. Due to her limited fame, she quietly left TVB without any media farewell send-off. However, retirement wasn't the end of her.

Post Retirement & Culinary Venture[edit]

After retiring, her husband encouraged her to start her own business. She wanted to open her own business and went to take culinary lessons. By 2013, Halina opened her own arts & crafts supply store and a snack shop at Causeway Bay. Although not famous as other actors, Halina still has her fans and friends from the industry; they would attend her shop just to support her business. Although Halina declared she's retired, certain people still remember her in the entertainment industry and occasionally get offers. In fall of 2018, Halina returned to the media an insurance spokes person for Allianz Global Investors (AllianzGI). When asked would she return to act in TVB if they offered her a role, she said she would consider it.

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  • 1994 Miss Hong Kong Pageant: Winner

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