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Handsome Siblings


  • Title: 绝代双骄 / Jue Dai Shuang Jiao
  • English title: Handsome Siblings
  • Genre: Wuxia
  • Episodes: 44
  • Broadcast network: CCTV, iQiyi
  • Broadcast period: 2020-Jan-16
  • Original soundtrack: Handsome Siblings OST
  • Related TV series: see Jue Dai Shuang Jiao


The story of twin brothers who separated at birth but grew up to be supreme martial artists. Raised to take revenge on each other they soon find themselves becoming good friends. Together they vow to take the martial arts world by storm and search for their true identities.

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Main Cast
Disciple of Villain Valley. Mischievous and witty, he proclaims himself to be the most intelligent person in the world.
Young Master of Yi Hua Palace. Kind-hearted and upright, he loves to help people in need and stand up for injustice.
Tie Zhan's daughter. She is known for her outstanding beauty, and has a tough and determined personality despite her soft appearance.
Wei Wu Ya's foster daughter. Spoiled, arrogant and scheming, she is skilled in medicine.
Villain Valley / Ten Villians
  • Tay Ping Hui as Yan Nan Tian, known as the number one swordsman of jianghu. Jiang Feng's sworn brother, Xiao Yu Er and Hua Wu Que's uncle (voiced by Fan Zhe Chen)
    • Tay Ping Hui as Lu Zhong Yuan, swordsman/hero of Nan Tian. Yan Nan Tian's good friend, who was tasked to impersonate him after the former temporarily lost his skills
  • Hou Chang Rong as Wan Chun Liu, a physician with excellent medical skills. He saved Yan Nan Tian from the evil villains and healed him for eighteen years (voiced by Qu Jing Guo)
  • Sun Jiao Long as Du Sha [Bloody Hand], one of the ten evils of Villain Valley. Considered as the strongest among the ten villains, and is regarded as the leader (voiced by Liu Cong)
  • Jill Hsu as Tu Jiao Jiao [Neither Man nor Woman], one of the ten evils of Villain Valley. Is adept in the art of disguise (voiced by Zhang Ai)
  • Liu Wei Sen as Ha Ha Er [Smile Hidden with Knifes], one of the ten evils of Villain Valley. Is always smiling regardless of the situation
  • Li Jian Ren as Li Da Zui [Don't Eat Human Head], one of the ten evils of Villain Valley. Is rumored to eat human flesh, but was later revealed to be a disguise. The only one who truly cares for Xiao Yu'er
  • Xiao Song Yuan as Yin Jiu You [Half Human Half Ghost], one of the ten evils of Villain Valley (voiced by Ling Zhen He)
  • Li Yao Jing as Tie Zhan [Wild Lion], one of the ten evils of Villain Valley. Tie Xinlan's father
  • Jin Song as Xuanyuan Sanguang [Evil Gambling Ghost], one of the ten evils of Villain Valley. Is obsessed with gambling. Become good friends with Xiao Yu'er
  • Zhang Xuan as Xiao Mi Mi [Enchantress Who Does Not Lose Her Life], one of the ten evils of Villain Valley. Lives in a secret underground palace with male companions
  • Yan Ming as Ouyang Dang [Rather Not Lose Out, Take Advantages Using Life], one of the ten evils of Villain Valley
  • Yan Wei as Ouyang Ding [Rather Not Lose Out, Take Advantages Using Life], one of the ten evils of Villain Valley
  • Liu Wei as Bai Kai Xin [Harming Others Without Benefiting Oneself], one of the ten evils of Villain Valley
Yi Hua Palace
  • Mao Lin Lin as Yao Yue, head master of Yi Hua Palace. Likes Jiang Feng, and turns vengeful when her love is not requited (voiced by Ji Guan Lin)
  • Meng Li as Lian Xing, second master of Yi Hua Palace. Yao Yue's younger sister. Has a secret crush on Jiang Feng (voiced by Li Shi Meng)
  • Zhao Ying Zi as Hua Yue Nu, Xiao Yu Er and Hua Wu Que's mother. A maidservant of Yi Hua Palace (dubbed by Yang Jing)
  • Jiang Yuan as Tie Ping Gu, a disciple of Yi Hua Palace whom escaped with Jiang Xiaoyu. She was cheated by Jiang Yulang and stayed by his side for awhile. Was later revealed to be Li Dazui's daughter
  • Ding Ke Er as He Lu, Hua Wu Que's subordinate (voiced by Zhou Yi Han)
  • Hou Xiao Tong as He Shuang, Hua Wu Que's subordinate
Jiang Family
  • Hu Yi Tian as Jiang Feng, Xiao Yu Er and Hua Wu Que's father
  • Gallen Lo as Jiang Bie He (Jiang Qin), Jiang Feng's servant. Brutal and ruthless, he betrayed Jiang Feng for monetary awards and became an influential nobleman and martial artist
  • Zhou Jun Chao as Jiang Yu Lang, Jiang Bie He's son. A cunning and deceitful person (voiced by Hu Liang Wei)
  • Zhu Peng Cheng as Mute servant, servant of Jiang Manor
Murong Family and associates
  • Shao Yun as Murong Jiu, head of the Murong Family. Known for her cold personality due to a skill she is practicing. She becomes soft and gentle after losing her memory (voiced by Yang Jing)
  • Wang Zhen as Zhang Jing, also known as Little Fairy, a feisty swordswoman known for her brash temper. She is close friends with the Murong Family (voiced by Yan Meng Meng)
  • Song Wen Zuo as Black Spider, a mysterious assassin who saved Murong Jiu from a brothel and falls in love with her
  • Zhou Bin as Gu Ren Yu, known by the nickname Gu Xiaomei due to his meek temper. Initially Murong Jiu's fiancee, he later falls for Zhang Jing and marries her
  • Zhou Zi Xin as Murong Shanshan
  • Luo Xuan as Murong Shuang
  • Han Shuo as Qin Jian, Murong Shanshan's husband
  • Lai Yi as Nangong Qing, Murong Shuang's husband
Twelve Zodiac
Wu Ya Sect
Tian Hong Sect / Qun Shan Sect
  • Chen Ji Ming as Feng Qian Li, leader of Tian Hong sect (voiced by Zhang Yao Han)
  • Wang Nan Qian as Feng Bai Yu, Feng Qian Li's daughter. She is mutually in love with Qin Zi Ling
  • Guo Jun as Qin Tian Nan, leader of Quan Shan sect
  • Zhang Ze as Qin Zi Ling, leader of Qing Yuan Hall. Qin Tian Nan's son. He is mutually in love with Feng Bai Yu
Duan Family
  • Cheng Liu Yi as Duan Ha Fei, richest man of Jiang Nan
  • Li Tao Yao Yao as Duan San, Duan Ha Fei's daughter. She was in love with Xiao Yu'er
  • Liu Bi as Ah Quan, Duan San's subordinate
  • Sui Shu Yang as Shen Qing Hong, head of armed escort [Ep 1-2, 13] (voiced by Wu Ling Yun)
  • Wang Yi Sheng as Elder Lei, Shen Qing Hong's business partner [Ep 1-2]
  • Zhang Han as Sima Yan [Duan Chang Sword], Jiang Qin's accomplice [Ep 2]
  • Wen Jun Ting as Li Liu, con man at Fu Cheng Inn [Ep 3-4]
  • Wu Ying as Widow Li, con woman at Fu Cheng Inn [Ep 3-4]
  • Zhang Xue Han as Tao Hua, a nomadic girl living on the plains [Ep 4]
  • Lai Xiao Sheng as Elder Mao, Mount Emei [Ep 4]
  • Zhang Peng as Second Elder Mao, Mount Emei [Ep 4]
  • Mu Nai (穆乃) as Third Elder Mao, Mount Emei [Ep 4]
  • Ma Ming (马明) as Chief Li, bandit [Ep 4]
  • Wang Zi Guang (王子广) as Second Chief Li, bandit [Ep 4]
  • Yang Zi Hua as Reverend Shen Xi, leader of E'mei Sect [Ep 11, 14-15]
  • Zheng Wen Sen as Grey Bat [Ep 10]
  • Xu Ai Min as Owl [Ep 10]
  • Li Da Guang as Zhao Quan Hai, overall head of Trade Union and leader of San Xiang Trade Association [Ep 10, 17]
  • Han Mei (寒梅) as Liu Yu Ru, one of the treasure hunters [Ep 10-11]
  • Wang Jun as Feng Tian Yu, one of the treasure hunters [Ep 10-11]
  • Wei Zhi Qiang as Wang Yi Zhua, one of the treasure hunters [Ep 10-11, 14]
  • Luo Hao as Sun Tian Nan, one of the treasure hunters [Ep 10-11, 14]
  • Wang Wei as Huang Ji Master, one of the treasure hunters [Ep 10-11, 14]
  • Cai Guo Long as 7th Master Qiu, one of the treasure hunters [Ep 10-11]
  • Yu Hui Tao as Xiao Yun Ju Shi, one of the treasure hunters [Ep 10-11]
  • Yue Jun Ling as Old Man Shi, boatman [Ep 15]
  • Liang Bao Ling as Shi Chu Yun (Yun Gu), Old Man Shi's daughter [Ep 15]
  • Zou Bo Wei (邹博伟) as Li Ming Sheng, Jiang Yulang's friend [Ep 15-17]
  • Zhang Yi Duo as Bai Ling Xiao, Jiang Yulang's friend [Ep 15-16]
  • Li Hai Xing as Li Di (Golden Lion), Li Mingsheng's father. Leader of Shuang Shi Trade Association [Ep 15-17]
  • Wang Jian Long as Bai Jun Sheng, Bai Ling Xiao's father [Ep 15-17]
  • Gong Fang Min as Hai Si Die, troupe leader [Ep 17]
  • Ji Yuan as Hai Hong Zhu, Hai Si Die's daughter [Ep 17]
  • Chen Zhi Hui as Tie Wu Shuang, a well-respected figure of jianghu. Li Da Zui's father-in-law (voiced by Qi Ke Jian)
  • Lau Kong as Zhao Xiang Ling, master of Di Ling Pavilion. Tie Wu Shuang's friend
  • Kang Jia Ming as Li Feng
  • Yang Qian Li as Li Ting
  • Mei Han as Xue Hua Dao
  • Zhang Yong as Qian Lao Er
  • Fu Qiang as Sun Lao San
  • Ma Rui Ze as Ma Lao Si
  • Wang Yu Ting (王玉婷) as Sun Xiao Mei
  • Huang Wen Hao as Sun Lie Yan
  • Zhou Fei Long (周飞龙) as Shopkeeper Zhang
  • Kang Bo (康勃) as Gao Shou Zi
  • Huang Shi Ying (黄士英) as Ai Pang Zi
  • Han Yan Da as Zhang San

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