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  • Title: 大侠霍元甲 / Da Xia Huo Yuan Jia
  • English title: Heroes
  • Also known as: 霍元甲 / Huo Yuan Jia / Fearless
  • Genre: Period, action, wushu
  • Episodes: 45
  • Broadcast network: CCTV, iQiyi
  • Broadcast period: 2020-Jul-28


A biographical drama series on the life of Martial Arts Master Huo Yuanjia (1868-1910)

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Our protagonist, who follows his own moral compass. Was a weak and sickly kid and so his father allowed him to study martial arts. He improved upon the ancient techniques passed down through the Huo family line and took in disciples. Did not really want to get married as it interferes with his studies.
Yuanjia's betrothed. A very elegant and persuasive woman, who has followed the Huo family history since the marriage was agreed to. As his wife easily gains his trust and admiration, despite Yuanjia's resistance to the marriage.

Huo Family

A scholar and righteous man, at the beginning he works as a translator in the Japanese court. Part of a revolutionary movement to overthrow the Qing dynasty. Even though they don't see eye to eye on the government, he becomes Yuanjia's sworn brother.

Yunjia's disciples

Became prison warden in the capital as payback for learning martial arts. As he's surrounded by corruption and injustice, he hates his job and eventually returns as Yuanjia's eldest disciple and close friend, who always has his back.
Son of a wealthy plantation owner in the North. He came back for his master's wedding and rejoined the sect for another three years to strengthen his physique as it was agreed to by his father.
Hot blooded second disciple. His inferiority complex makes him blame others for his short comings. He will not hold back unless restrained by Yuanjia's command.
Naturally talented fighter, who excelled faster then any other. Very shy when it comes to love. Has good restraints, but will quickly run hot when his master is insulted, due to his unwavering loyalty towards him.
Youngest of the disciples. Likes to eat and has a stutter. Yuanjia took him in, when he was begging on the streets for being an orphan. Has a kind heart, despite the hardships he endured.

Beijing, Imperial Court and Western Coalition

Fourth Grade Physician of the imperial court, appointed by Guangxu Emperor. He is convinced reforms start with bloodshed and wants to be the martyr that ignites the fire. Wang Wu is his friend.
Nicknamed "Big Sword" Wang Wu. Martial master loyal to Tan Sitong. Ying Si wants him dead for defeating him in the past.
Petty man. Uses government personnel for his personal vendettas. Formerly known in the martial art world as Lu Si Ying. Yuanjia's father Endi humiliated him 25 years ago.
  • Zhang Xi Lai as Ying Si's trusted aide.
  • Shi Fan Xi as Yamamoto, Japanese sword fighter. Came to the capital to rule both the palace and the martial heroes.
  • Wei Da Li as Hermann, strong, tall but not very flexible German gun dealer and boxer.


The Valley / Cangshan county

  • Xu Min as Magistrate Xue, a seemingly righteous man and admirer of Lord Tan, nudging Yuanjia back into the martial world by hiring him as transport security.
  • Zhu He as Hu Liu, servant of Magistrate Xue.

The Five Tigers of Cang Mountain, a group of bandits that terrorize the citizens through robberies, abduction and extortion:

Shinsanli Mound

A bandit den that incapacitates its victims. In truth, they are making the roads unsafe for Opium transports.



A righteous and chivalrous man that has the respect and admiration of the martial arts community in Shanghai. Is completely taken by Yuanjia's wife's beauty and eloquence when she visits him to ask for help.
An unknown grandmaster, living as a beggar who combines a vast number of styles. Has a grudge against Yuanjia, that he will not explain.
Elite Martial Arts (school founded by Yuanjia)
  • Wang Meng as Disciple
  • Wu Han (吴晗) as Disciple
  • Qiu Jian Liang (邱建良) as Aliang, a Chinese lad who grew up as a punching bag for Western boxers and became very good at it. Teaches Yuanjia how to deal with Alexander The Great.
Eagle Claw Sect's nine brothers (current senior masters)

The original nine are now the seven, with both Ying Si and Ying Jiu kicked out for using forbidden techniques and morally corrupt.

  • Zhou Yong as Chen Qiu Feng, originating from Handan, Hebei and current leader of the sect
  • Song Jian Xin as Xu Zi Quan, originating from Pengcheng (now Xuzhou), Jiangsu
  • Huang Shi Liang as He Zi Qing, originating from Boling, Hebei
  • Guo Wei as Ying Jiu, master of poisons, disguises and manipulation. Suspected to have killed the sect's former leader.
Haishang Newspaper
  • Liu Wei as Cao Zongbian, chief editor. He prefers writing what makes money and "bends" the truth to accomplish it.
  • Lu Jia Ni as He Mali (Voiced by Zhang Hui Lin)
News reporter taken in by Cao Zongbian, but quits when he tries to force her to fabricate a piece that will infuriate the martial arts community of Shanghai.
  • Liu Bo (刘波) as Photographer
  • Han Ma (韩马) as Photographer
Songjiang Officials
  • Gao Yu Qing (高玉庆) as Prefecture Magistrate Xu
  • Zhou Yan as Lord Xie, official in the office of the prefecture magistrate
The Concessions
  • Pa Fu Luo (帕夫洛) as Alexander The Great
  • Yang Yong Wen as Announcer at boxing matches with Westerners
  • Xian Di (贤棣) as Announcer
  • Zhao Qiu Sheng as Kumazo Abe, founder of Abe Dojo, a Japanese martial arts school
  • Ji Feng as Fujiwara, 2nd in command and ambitious, unscrupulous man
  • Wang Jin (王锦) as Japanese samurai
  • Wang Xing Yi as Japanese samurai
  • Liu Mu Mei as Eunich Huang, Imperial court official who comes to visit and strongly advises Yuanjia not to fight Alexander The Great in the interest of the Qing dynasty's relations with the Westerners.



  • This is the second time Vincent Zhao enacts Huo Yuanjia. The first time in 2001 in Huo Yuan Jia, almost 20 years earlier.
  • This drama's time frame precedes the drama Hot Blooded Youth, also set in Shanghai, in which Ma Ke Su plays a business man hosting a talent show that rich men can bet on. Similar to the illegal fights he organizes in this drama.

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