Hikeshiya Komachi

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Hikeshiya komachi


  • Title: 火消し屋小町
  • Title (romaji): Hikeshiya Komachi
  • Also known as: Firefighting Beauty
  • Format: Yorudora
  • Episodes: 20 (15 mins. each, 5 weeks)
  • Viewership ratings:
  • Broadcast network: NHK
  • Broadcast period: 2004-Jul-12 to 2004-Aug-12
  • Air time: Monday through Thursday at 23:00
  • Theme song: Ashita he kakeru hashi by Kuraki Mai


The 17th NHK Yorudora is Hikeshiya Komachi, which is based on a manga by Ousaka Mieko.

Minami Natsuko was living the comfortable life of an OL until her company suddenly went bankrupt. She casually takes an entrance exam for firefighting school and passes! However, the harsh training is a lot more than she bargained for. Little by little, Natsuko realizes how rewarding her new job is, and aims to become the best firefighter she can be.

-- translated from excerpts of NHK synopsis by awrittensin

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Episode Titles (By Week)

  • Week 1: Is Life Simple?
  • Week 2: Eating From the Same Pot
  • Week 3: Fire Commotion of Love
  • Week 4: Fire, Dad
  • Week 5: I'm a Firefighter

-- translated by awrittensin

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