Hyoten 2001

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Hyoten 2001


  • Title: 氷点2001
  • Title (romaji): Hyouten 2001
  • Also known as: Freezing Point 2001
  • Genre: Family drama
  • Episodes: 10 episodes
  • Broadcast network: TV Asahi
  • Broadcast period: 2001-Jul-12 to 2001-Sep-13
  • Theme song: infection by Onitsuka Chihiro
  • Related shows: Hyoten 2006


A husband plans an ultimate revenge on his wife who was not faithful to him. Can people hurt others because they love them too deeply? Can people forget how to love others? An immortal masterpiece written by the late Miura Ayako.

What does loving oneself mean? What does loving others mean? What is the real meaning of loving others? What is the truth about human beings which people finally discover after loving and hating others?

Fifteen years ago, Natsue, the wife of the president of Tsujiguchi Hospital, agreed to sleep with Murai, a young physician who forced himself on her. At about the same time, her daughter Ruriko, whom Natsue dearly loves, is murdered by a man named Saishi. The tragedy is a blow not only for Natsue but also for her husband Keizo. Keizo suspects his wife's fidelity. To gain his revenge, he decides to adopt the child of the murderer. Not knowing this, Natsue names the little girl Yoko, and promises to herself that she will love Yoko like her own daughter and create a happy home. However, fifteen years later, Natsue discovers by chance that Yoko is the daughter of Saishi, the individual she most hates. In despair about what her husband has done to her, Natsue begins to treat Yoko meanly. Yoko becomes concerned about why her mother's attitude has changed so abruptly. At this point, Murai reappears in front of this shattered family. More tragedy then befalls the Tsujiguchi Family — a story of unimaginable love and hate.

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