I'm Glad I Loved You

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I'm Glad I Loved You


  • Title: 사랑하길 잘했어 / Saranghagil Jalhaesseo
  • Also known as: It Was Good That We Loved / Finding Mr. & Ms. Right
  • Previously known as: 아버지가 간다 / Father is Coming
  • Genre: Family, romance
  • Episodes: 162
  • Broadcast network: KBS2
  • Broadcast period: 2010-Oct-25 to 2011-Apr-30
  • Air time: Monday to Saturday 9:20 AM
  • Original Soundtrack: I'm Glad I Loved You OST


Tae Ho and Sang Goo are two men who constantly fought at work and hates each other even more now that they're both the heads of rival companies. When their children Do Hee and Young Joon get married, the bickering fathers are forced to become in-laws.

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