1 Litre no Namida

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1 Litre no Namida


  • Title: 1リットルの涙
  • Title (romaji): 1 Litre no Namida
  • Also known as: Ichi Rittoru no Namida / One Litre of Tears / A Diary with Tears
  • Genre: School, romance, family, human
  • Broadcast network: Fuji TV
  • Related TV shows: Tears of Happiness



15-year-old Ikeuchi Aya was an ordinary girl, the daughter of a family who works at a tofu shop, and a soon-to-be high schooler. However, odd things have been happening to Aya lately. She has been falling down often and walks strange. Her mother, Shioka, takes Aya to see the doctor, and he informs Shioka that Aya has spinocerebellar degeneration - a terrible disease where the cerebellum of the brain gradually deteriorates to the point where the victim cannot walk, speak, write, or eat. A cruel disease, as it does not affect the mind in the least. How will Aya react when told about her disease? And how will Aya live from now on?

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Episode Subtitles Kanto
01 The beginning of my youth 13.5
02 15 years old, sickness that steals up 15.1
03 Why did the illness chose me? 13.5
04 Solitude of two people 12.3
05 A handicapped person's notebook 14.6
06 Heartless glances 15.2
07 The place where I am 16.2
08 1 litre of tears 15.4
09 I live now 15.5
10 Love letter 16.6
11 Faraway, to a place where there are no tears left to cry 20.5
average - 15.31

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by Daemonneko

Based on a true story, One Litre of Tears is about the life story Kitou Aya (1962-1988) a girl who had an incurable disease called Spinocerebellar Degeneration Disease (also known as SCA type 2; spinocerebellar ataxia type 2)at a young age of 15. Although the girl in the drama - Ikeuchi Aya, lived in the 21st century, her character was based on Kitou Aya's life, how she struggled and fought her disease and how she wrote her deepest thoughts until the last day she could hold a pen. Before she died, her writings were published including the poems she wrote while she is staying in a school for the disabled. This gave new hopes to people who suffers the same disease as she did and soon Aya received letters of appreciation and thanks from those people. At the age of 25, she succumbed herself into a sleep where she could no longer feel any pain.

Ichi Rittoru no Namida is a heart-warming drama that will make people happy for the simple fact that they are alive, and will give hope to those who suffers from diseases and will make them think positive about living instead of giving up easily.

I give this drama two-thumbs up!


DVD Cover for 1 Litre of Tears Special
  • Title: 「1リットルの涙」特別篇‧追憶
  • Viewership ratings: 17.0
  • Broadcast date: 2007-Apr-05
  • Air time: 21:00
  • Insert song: Umarekuru Kodomotachi no Tame ni by Oda Kazumasa (uncredited)


This special is set half a year after the death of Aya. Her younger sister Ako is training to be a nurse, while Haruto has already become a neurologist at the hospital Aya was once treated at. The loss of Aya strongly affects Haruto, causing him to lose sight of himself. But after he meets Mizuki, a 14-year-old patient who has given up on living, he feels compelled to share with her the story of Aya's life.


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