In A Class of Her Own

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In A Class of Her Own


  • Title: 漂亮书生 / Piao Liang Shu Sheng
  • English title: In A Class of Her Own
  • Also known as: 云上学堂 (Yun Shang Xue Tang), 云上恋歌 (Yun Shang Lian Ge)
  • Genre: Historical, romance, school
  • Episodes: 36
  • Broadcast network: iQiyi
  • Broadcast period: 2020-Jul-23
  • Original soundtrack: In A Class of Her Own OST
  • Related TV Series: Sungkyunkwan Scandal (KBS2, 2010)


Xue Wenxi comes from an impoverished family, and disguises as a guy to make ends meet by helping to transcript and copywrite books. She meets Feng Chengjun, the son of the Prime Minister, during a business transaction. Coming to admire her talent, Feng Chengjun secretly sets a plan in motion that leaves her with no choice but to enroll in the the Yun Shang Academy. As the school only accepts male students, Xue Wenxi disguises herself as a boy (using her brother's name Wenbin), and lives everyday on thin ice to guard her secret. Fortunately, she has Feng Chengjun to come to her aid, allowing her to focus on her studies. Using her wit, kindness and charm, she also become close friends with the rebellious and unrestrained Yu Lexuan and the cold and aloof Lei Zexin. The four become known as the "Yun Shang Quartet". As they overcome many hurdles together, the four influence one another and grow together along the way. Xue Wenxi eventually exposed her identity as a girl, and find mutual love with Feng Chengjun. As they inherit the legacy of their ancestors and strive to uphold their ideals, they also fall into a crisis as they become entangled with the conflicts passed down from the older generation.


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Daughter of a poor family. Intelligent and well-read, she makes a living by writing romance novels. She is kind-hearted and optimistic despite her plight.
Son of the Governer. He is intelligent, principled and helpful.
Son of a poor family, who tries to hide his background by gaining a royal identity. Playful and easygoing, he is highly intelligent and has a mind for business.
Son of a military commander. Despite appearing cold and reticent, he is warm-hearted and loyal to his friends. He is skilled in martial arts.
Yun Shang Academy (Students)
  • Chen Yi Long as Han Zhisheng, president of the student committee. He likes Mu Xiaoman, and detests Xue Wenxi for stealing attention from her
  • Li Kun as Han Shengxiong, member of the student committee and steward. Han Zhisheng's cousin
  • Xu Yang as Lin Bingshen, member of the student committee. He listens to Han Zhisheng's bidding out of his own will, to earn money for his younger sister's medicine
  • Zhao Qian Yi as Gu Ziming, member of the student committee
  • Li Lin as Lu Zhaorong, member of the student (room attendant). He is a older than the other first-year students due to having repeated school for years to earn a stable income
  • Mao Fang Yuan as Wei Zhaohui, first-year student. A firm believer of Gods
  • Wei Zi Han as Mo Xiaohuan, first-year student. Son of an influential officer, Duke Mo
  • Tang Shu Ya as Wen Zifeng, first-year student
  • Wu He Lun as Yang Yide, first-year student
  • Wu Xing Lin as Ji Jia, first-year student
Yun Shang Academy (Teachers)
  • Yang Zi Hua as Wang Haozhen, founder of Yun Shang Academy and formerly the Emperor's teacher
  • Zhang Shuang Li as Feng Xinwu, principal of Yun Shang Academy
  • Tan Jian Chang as Ding Ruoyang, a famed scholar engaged by Wang Haozhen to be the professor of Four Books and Five Classics. Assists the Yun Shang Quartet in finding out the truth of Xue Dingkun's incident
  • Zhang Zheng Yong as Liu Qianyi, physical fitness instructor and Lei Zexin's teacher
  • Wang Hao Jun as Li Hu, law professor who is in charge of the disciplinary hall. Xue Dingkun's student, who has been working in secret to redress Xue Dingkuns's grievances
  • Zhang Hai Feng as Mr. Zhao, music professor
  • Wei Zhi Qiang as Mr. Yu, medicine professor
  • Jiang Hao Yun as Instructor
Han Manor
  • Wang Ce as Han Zhengliang, head of Han Household. A corrupted officer
  • Tan Li Min as Madame Han
  • Zhang Xin as Han Shumin, young mistress of Han manor. She likes Feng Chengjun
  • Zhang Zhi Hao as Xiao Qin, Han Shumin's attendant
Xue Family
  • Gong Bei Bi as Madame Wen, Xue Wenxi's mother
  • Li Jia Hao as Xue Wenbin, Xue Wenxi's sickly brother
  • Yu Bo as Xue Dingkun, Xue Wenxi and Xue Wenbin's father. Used to be a famed scholar of Yun Zhou who fight for fairness and equality rights. Teacher of Ding Ruouyang, Li Hu and Qin Beichuan
  • Zhu Sheng Yi as Mu Xiaoman, famed musician of Cai Yun Hall. Han Zhisheng's former lover. She likes Wen Bin (Xue Wenxi) not knowing that she is a girl. Her father Mu Jiang was falsely killed, and she has constantly been finding a chance to redress her family's grievances
  • Wang Jin Song as Feng Jichang, governor. Feng Chengjun's father
  • Yang Qi Yu as Lei Qiying, Lei Zexin's father. Left Commander of Yu Lin guards. Secretly let Xue Dingkun's family go years ago, and has collected evidence against Han Zhisheng for many years
  • Zhang Hao Wei as Lei Zexun, Lei Zexin's brother. He fought for equality rights alongside Xue Dingkun, and was sentenced to death
  • Chen Hao Wen as Gu Zheyuan, Gu Ziming's father. Right Commander of Yu Lin Guards
  • Li Shuai as Shopkeeper Chao, owner of the bookshop. Assigns Xue Wenxi tasks to earn money
  • Jiang Jian as Qin Beichuan, student of Xue Dingkun and previously a student of Yun Shang Academy. Han Shumin's teacher
  • Qiu Yun He as Ke Shijun, student of Xue Dingkun and previously a student of Yun Shang Academy. Currently a wanted criminal by the court
  • Xiao Song Yuan as Gu Dachao, Gu Zheyuan's uncle. A lecher who wanted to marry Xue Wenxi
  • Wei Xiao Guang as Miao Xiangdong, Gu Dachao's nephew
  • Zhao Gang as Minister Tian, magistrate
  • Li Zhan as Wang He, Feng Chengjun's servant
  • Zhang Han as Xiao Qing, musician of Cai Yun Hall
  • Quan Rui as Xiao Jie, musician of Cai Yun Hall
  • ??? as Duke Mo, Mo Xiaohuan's grandfather (voiced by Xuan Xiao Ming (宣晓鸣))
  • ??? as Commander Xu, Han Zhengliang's subordinate
  • Zhou Wei An as A Mu
  • He Liang Ou as A Mu's sister

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  • The drama began filming on April 23, 2019 at Xiangshan Movie & Television Town.

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