Iron Ladies

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Iron Ladies


  • Title: 姊的時代 / Jie De Shi Dai
  • English title: Iron Ladies
  • Genre: Romance
  • Episodes: 13 + 1
  • Broadcast network: SETTV
  • Broadcast period: 2018-Jan-12 to 2018-Apr-13
  • Air time: 22:00
  • Opening theme song: Wonderful Day by Ben Wu
  • Ending theme song: Unachievable Future (到不了的以後) by Ben Wu
  • Insert songs:
    • Don't Scare On Darkness (別怕黑) by Wendy Chen (陳葦廷)
    • The Best of Us (最好的我們) by Wendy Chen (陳葦廷)
    • Shadow (影子) by Irene Luo
    • Almost (自然凋謝) by Sun Sheng Xi


To the outside world, everything in their lives is going well for them. But three professional women in their 30s try to find their own personal happiness outside of their successful careers. --MyDramaList

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Supporting Casts
  • Vivi Chen (陳曉菁) as Gu Da Fei's ex-girlfriend (ep 1,3)
  • Lin Dong Han (林東翰) as Sam Li (ep 1)
  • Tian Wu Yang (田舞陽) as Ma Li Sha's one night boyfriend (ep 1)
  • Wu Zun (無尊) as Ryan (ep 1)
  • Ye Jing Han (葉靜涵) as Zhang Yi Yi's manager (ep 2)
  • Lei Ai Mei (雷艾美) as Amy (ep 3, David Lin's one night girlfriend)
  • Yang Hao Wai (楊皓崴) as Bruce (ep 3, Ma Li Sha's one night boyfriend)
  • Guo Yuan Yuan (郭源元) as Yuan Yuan 元元 (ep 4, David Lin's one night girlfriend)
  • Serena Fang as Zhang Yi Yi 張伊伊 (ep 4)
  • Chen Feng (陳風) as David Lin's secretary (ep 4,6)
  • Kao Ying Hsuan as Charlie (ep 4-7)
  • Grace Ko as Zhou Shu Fen 周淑芬 (4-5, 9, Gao Ze Shan's mother)
  • Wu Bi Lian (吳碧蓮) as fortune-teller (ep 5)
  • Fu Lei as Zhou Zheng Wu 周正武 (ep 5, Kai Ting's father)
  • Huang Ya Min (黃雅珉) as Kai Ting's mother (ep 5, photo only)
  • Zhu Jia Yi (朱家儀) as Amber (ep 7)
  • Liu Xiao Yi (劉曉憶) as chairwoman Zheng 鄭董 (ep 8)
  • Wu Zheng Xun (吳政勳) as Jason (ep 8)
  • Xu Yi Fan (徐詣帆) as Li Zhi Cheng 李至誠 (ep 9-12)
  • Xu Wei Yin (徐瑋吟 as Maggie (ep 10)
  • Lin Rong Hao (林融皓) as chief Chen (ep 10, Josh's brother-in-law)
  • Wu Pin Jie (吳品潔) as Zhong Xin Jie 鍾欣潔 (ep 11-13)
  • Cai Zi (菜子) as finance's reporter (ep 13)
  • Liang Zhe as dean Chen (ep 13)

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