Jia, N Ci Fang

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Jia, N Ci Fang


  • Title: 家, N次方 / Jia, N Ci Fang
  • Also known as: 家的N次方 (Jia De N Ci Fang) / Family, to the Nth Power
  • Genre: Family, romance, idol drama
  • Episodes: 30
  • Broadcast network: Shanghai Arts and Culture Channel (上海艺术人文频道)
  • Broadcast period: 2011-Mar-11 start
  • Ending theme song: Xi Huan (喜欢) Like by Ding Wei (丁薇)
  • Insert song: Mi Tu (迷途) Lose One's Way by Ying Hao (应豪)


Chu Mu's mother Wen Nan is getting married for the third time, which will give Chu Mu a total of 3 step-siblings. There's Qi Qi, his rambunctious step-sister from his mother's second marriage, who announces that she wants Chu Mu to be her boyfriend. Wen Nan's third marriage is to a super wealthy widower named Xue Mao Xiang who has 2 children from his previous marriages - the spoiled and aloof Xue Yang, and daughter Xue Zhi Li, who returns from abroad to be the mediator of this new unconventional family.

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