Jiao Yi Sheng Ma Ma

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Jiao Yi Sheng Ma Ma


  • Title: 叫一声妈妈 / Jiao Yi Sheng Ma Ma
  • Also known as: 麻雀变凤凰 / Ma Que Bian Feng Huang
  • Genre: Drama
  • Episodes: 28
  • Broadcast year: 2007
  • Theme song: Zai Jiao Yi Sheng Ma Ma (再叫一声妈妈) by Han Hong


Jian Li gave birth to daughter Xiao Dan only to find out that her husband has passed away, leaving her a widow. One night Jian Li hears a baby crying outside her house. She notices that the baby has the same cloth her friend uses and runs to her house. There she finds a letter telling Jian Li to keep the baby girl and to raise her like her own. She decides to keep the baby and names her Yuan Yue.

At the age of 14, Yuan Yue accidentally finds out that she is not Jian Li's birth daughter and that she was merely adopted. She runs to a construction site and hides. Liu Wei Qiang, a fellow classmate, finds her and convinces her to go home. When Yuan Yue returns home, her adopted mother tells her that she is still her daughter no matter what, causing Yuan Yue to have an emotional breakdown as she begins to not follow the rules...

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