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Joy of Life


  • Title: 庆余年 / Qing Yu Nian
  • English title: Joy of Life
  • Genre: Historical, political
  • Episodes: 46
  • Broadcast network: Tencent, iQiyi
  • Broadcast period: 2019-Nov-26
  • Original soundtrack: Joy of Life OST
  • Related TV series: Joy of Life 2

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In the twilight years of Eastern Jin, Liu Yu usurps the throne to become the founding emperor of the Liu Song dynasty. Consort Ye’s newborn son is the only royalty to survive the bloody purge, and is adopted by the Minster of Revenue Fan Jian. At the age of eighteen, Fan Xian’s impending political marriage with Lin Wan'er, daughter of the Prime Minister and Elder Princess, makes him extremely popular among the ambitious princes, though he carefully avoids joining any of the factions.

Fan Xian is lauded for his loyalty to the emperor during two successive rebellions, though later discovers he is the biological son of the tyrannical ruler, and that Liu Yu was the one that sent assassins to kill his mother. For revenge as well as the peace of the kingdom, Fan Xian engages in a deadly political struggle with the emperor.


Correlation Chart
Fan Jian's adopted son whose birth parents are the Qing Emperor and Ye Qingmei. Director-General of the Investigation Center, Chief Musician of Court of Imperial Sacrifices.
Daughter of the Prime Minister and Elder Princess. Fan Xian's wife. Known by the nickname of "Drumstick Lady".
Qing Emperor. One of the four Grandmasters in the world. Am ambitious and cunning man.
Investigation Center
Director of the Investigation Center. Fan Xian's teacher and advisor. A man who is adept in scheming. He appears cold and merciless but has a warm side to him.
Head of the First Division, in charge of affairs within the capital. Chen Pingping's most capable assistant, who in reality works for Li Yunrui.
Head of the Third Division. A master of poison and healer. Fan Xian’s first teacher.
Head of the Fourth Division, responsible for supervising officials outside of the capital city as well as agents and military organizations. Yan Bingyun's father. He appears to be at odds with Chen Pingping, but is actually loyal to him.
Head of the Sixth Division, in charge of assassination. A ninth-grade martial arts master. Chen Pingping's most trusted subordinate.
Head of the Eighth Division, in charge of the publication of books.
Clerk of the Investigation Center. He is adept in Qinggong and tracking skills. He loves money, and is known for his glib tongue and smooth ways.
Acting director of the Third Division. Fei Jie's senior disciple and Fan Xian's senior. He loves inventing new poisons.
Member of the Fourth Division. Former subordinate of Teng Zijing. He is in charge of the spies situated at Northern Qi. He later becomes a subordinate of Fan Xian after being saved by him.
Member of the Fourth Division. He becomes a guard of Fan Xian in order to find out the whereabouts of his loved ones.
Royal family of Qing
Elder princess. Foster sister of the Emperor, birth mother of Lin Wan'er. She appears gentle and frail, but is cruel and merciless. She is in charge of the inner treasury of the Imperial Treasury. She appears to be aligned with the Crown prince, but secretly she is allies with the Second prince.
Crown Prince. A man who appears to be careless and rash but who hides his real ambition behind a facade.
Second Prince. A magnanimous man, who often helps Fan Xian.
Son of the Prince of Jin and close friend of the second prince.
Mother of Qing Emperor and Prince Jing.
Mother of Li Chengping (the third prince) and cousin of Liu Ruyu.
Mother of Li Chengze.
Mother of the first prince.
Officials and servants of Qing
Prime Minister of Qing. Lin Wan’er's father. An astute man of great foresight.
Minister of Revenue. The Earl of Sinan. Fan Xian’s foster father.
The head eunuch. A ninth-grade martial arts master. Personal attendant of the Empress Dowager.
Commander of the Imperial Troops. A ninth-grade archery master. He was a hunter who was saved by Li Yunrui, and rose up the ranks quickly.
Assistant commander of the Imperial Troops. An eighth-grade martial arts master.
Personal attendant of the Qing Emperor.
Minister of the Board of Rites. Ally of the Elder princess.
Son of Guo Youzhi and the Imperial Compiler. Former study companion of the Crown prince.
Guard of the second prince. An eighth-grade swordsman.
Commander of the Tiger Troops. Fan Xian's guard.
Personal attendant of Li Yunrui.
Deputy Chief of Court of State Ceremonials.
A magistrate.
Fan family
Fan Xian's younger sister. She is known for her talents in the capital. An ardent supporter of Fan Xian.
Son of Liu Ruyu. He loves money and has a talent for finance. He becomes the owner of Dan Bo bookshop selling Fan Xian's books.
Second wife of Fan Jian. Fan Sizhe's mother. Daughter of the Royal Advisor.
Fan Xian's grandmother. A tough but loving woman.
Lin family
First master of the Lin manor and Lin Wan'er's brother. Because of an illness, he has the mental capacity of a child. Fan Xian and Fan Sizhe's good friend.
Second master of the Lin manor and Lin Wan'er's brother. Confidante of the Crown prince, who is in reality Li Yunrui's subordinate.
Advisor of Lin Ruofu.
Lin Wan'er's personal attendant.
Fan Xian's birth mother. A woman of noble aspirations and talent. Founder of the Investigation Center and Imperial Treasury.
A martial arts grand master and loyal servant of Ye Qingmei.
Daughter of the Chief Guard. Lin Wan'er's close friend.
Senior disciple of Si Gujian, one of the four grandmasters. A ninth grade swordsman.
A renowned scholar.
Kingdom of Northern Qi
Regent of Northern Qi
Emperor of Northern Qi. A woman in disguise.
Saintess of Northern Qi. Disciple of Ku He, one of the four grandmasters; and a ninth-grade martial arts expert. Close friend of Fan Xian. She is deeply trusted by the Empress Dowager, but is actually an ally of Zhan Doudou.
A famous courtesan at Zuixian Ju who is in reality a spy of Northern Qi.
Former Head Agent of Northern Qi who is responsible for delivering military intelligence. A cruel and fearless man who is feared by many.
Commander of the Jinyiwei Guards. Advisor of the Empress Dowager who is known for his cruel schemes.
Grand general of Northern Qi. Xiao En's god-son.
Younger sister of Shen Zhong. She likes Yan Bingyun.
A ninth-grade swordsman. Cheng Jushu's teacher. He was ordered by Chen Pingping to help Fan Xian during his stay in Northern Qi.
An eighth-grade martial arts expert. Disciple of Reverend He.
Senior disciple of Ku He. A ninth-grade martial arts expert. Ally of the Dowager Empress.
A renowned scholar respected by many. Xiao En's brother.
Deputy general. Shang Shanhu's subordinate.

Production Credits

  • Original Writing: Qing Yu Nian (庆余年) by Mao Ni
  • Director: Sun Hao, Gao Han
  • Screenwriter: Wang Juan
  • Producer: Chen Ying Jie, Yang Bei
  • Company: Tencent Pictures, New Classics Media, Blue Media, China Literature, Times China Media, Hainan Broadcasting Group


  • 2020 9th iQiyi All-Star Carnival: Popular IP Series of the Year
  • 2020 26th Shanghai Television Festival:
  • 2020 China Literature Award Ceremony:
  • 2019 Film and TV Role Model 2019 Ranking: Popular Web Series
  • 2019 Tencent Video All Star Awards: Quality Actor of the Year (Zhang Ruo Yun)
  • 2019 Golden Bud - The Fourth Network Film And Television Festival: Actor of the Year (Zhang Ruo Yun)

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