KBS2 Saturday & Sunday Night 19:55

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KBS2 Saturday & Sunday (~7:55 PM)[edit]

Title Start Date End Date
Love Is Beautiful, Life Is Wonderful 2019-Sep-28 2020-???-??
Mother of Mine 2019-Mar-23 2019-Sep-22
My Only One 2018-Sep-15 2019-Mar-17
Shall We Live Together 2018-Mar-17 2018-Sep-09
My Golden Life 2017-Sep-02 2018-Mar-11
Father Is Strange 2017-Mar-04 2017-Aug-27
Laurel Tree Tailors 2016-Aug-27 2017-Feb-26
Five Children 2016-Feb-20 2016-Aug-21
All About My Mom 2015-Aug-15 2016-Feb-14
The Bluebird's House 2015-Feb-21 2015-Aug-09
What Happens to My Family? 2014-Aug-16 2015-Feb-15
Wonderful Days 2014-Feb-22 2014-Aug-10
Wang's Family 2013-Aug-31 2014-Feb-16
Lee Soon Shin is the Best 2013-Mar-09 2013-Aug-25
My Daughter Seo Young 2012-Sep-15 2013-Mar-03
You Who Rolled In Unexpectedly 2012-Feb-25 2012-Sep-09
Ojakgyo Brothers 2011-Aug-06 2012-Feb-19
I Believe in Love 2011-Jan-01 2011-Jul-31
Please Marry Me 2010-Jun-19 2010-Dec-26
Three Brothers 2009-Oct-17 2010-Jun-13
The Sons of Sol Pharmacy House 2009-Apr-11 2009-Oct-11
My Precious Child 2008-Oct-04 2009-Apr-05
Mom Has Grown Horns 2008-Feb-02 2008-Sep-28
Golden Era of Daughter in Law 2007-Jul-28 2008-Jan-20
Blissful Woman 2007-Jan-06 2007-Jul-22
Famous Princesses 2006-Apr-01 2006-Dec-31
Thank You Life 2006-Jan-07 2006-Mar-26
Sad Goodbye 2005-Jun-11 2006-Jan-01
Precious Family 2004-Oct-16 2005-Jun-05
Terms of Endearment 2004-Mar-20 2004-Oct-10
Pearl Necklace 2003-Sep-20 2004-Mar-14
Bodyguard 2003-Jul-05 2003-Sep-14
On the Prairie 2003-Jan-04 2003-Jun-29
Who's My Love 2002-Mar-02 2002-Dec-29
Like Father Unlike Son 2001-Sep-15 2002-Feb-24
Orient Theatre 2001-Jun-09 2001-Sep-09
Blue Mist 2001-Mar-24 2001-May-27
The Full Sun 2000-Sep-16 2001-Mar-18
Tough Guy's Love 2000-Mar-25 2000-Sep-10
Did You Ever Love? 1999-Nov-20 2000-Mar-19
Humaneness 1999-May-09 1999-Nov-13
Paper Crane 1998-Oct-31 1999-May-02
Legend of Ambition 1998-Apr-11 1998-Oct-25
Young Lady (아씨) (ep 39-50) 1998-Feb-21 1998-Mar-29
Wedding Dress 1997-Dec-01 1998-Feb-15
A Bluebird Has It 1997-Apr-26 1997-Nov-30
First Love 1996-Sep-07 1997-Apr-20
The Bathhouse 1995-Nov-18 1996-Sep-01
A Sunny Place of the Young 1995-May-06 1995-Nov-12
Daughters of a Rich Family 1994-Sep-03 1995-Apr-30
The Lonely Man (남자는 외로워) 1994-Jan-08 1994-Aug-28
Lovers (KBS) (연인) 1993-May-01 1993-Oct-17
For the Sake of Love (사랑을 위하여) 1992-Oct-17 1993-Apr-25
Wind in the Forest (숲속의 바람) 1992-May-02 1992-Oct-11
Woman's Times (여자의 시간) 1991-Oct-26 1992-Apr-26
Years of Ambition (야망의 세월) 1990-Oct-20 1991-Oct-20
꽃 피고 새 울면 1990-May-19 1990-Oct-14
Moonlight Family (달빛가족) 1989-Oct-14 1990-Apr-08
Fetters of Love (사랑의 굴레) 1989-Apr-22 1989-Oct-08
Eun Hye's Land (은혜의 땅) 1988-Sep-17 1989-Apr-16
Soonshim-yi (순심이) 1988-Mar-05 1988-Sep-11
Stranger (타인) 1987-Sep-05 1988-Feb-28
Terms of Endearment (애정의 조건) 1987-Mar-07 1987-Aug-30
My Heart Is Like a Star (내 마음 별과 같이) 1986-Aug-09 1987-Mar-01
Your Portrait (그대의 초상) 1986-Feb-15 1986-Aug-03
Stars on the Prairie (초원에 뜨는 별) 1985-Nov-16 1985-Sep-29
열망 1985-Jan-05 1986-Feb-09
Garden Balsam (봉선화) 1984-Jul-28 1984-Dec-30
Widow (미망인) 1984-Jan-07 1984-Jul-22
A Youth March (청춘 행진곡) 1983-Apr-02 1983-Dec-25
Thaw (해빙) 1983-Jan-08 1983-Mar-27
Soon Ae (순애) 1982-May-08 1982-Dec-25