Keiji Ichidai

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Keiji Ichidai


  • Title: 刑事一代
  • Title (romaji): Keiji Ichidai
  • Also known as: Biography of a Detective: The Cases of Hachibei Hiratsuka
  • Tagline: 平塚八兵衛の昭和事件史
  • Tagline (romaji): Hiratsuka Hachibe no Showa Jikenshi
  • Format: Tanpatsu
  • Viewership rating: 19.4 (1st), 21.6 (2nd)
  • Broadcast network: TV Asahi
  • Broadcast dates: 2009-Jun-20, 2009-Jun-21
  • Air time: Saturday & Sunday 21:00


A story of the life of a distinguished detective named Hiratsuka Hachibe, who lived during the Showa Era. The main character of the story, Hachibe, outstandingly solved the incident called the Yoshinobu Case. It was the best-known kidnapping incident after the World War II that became a social phenomenon. While the top management of the police decided to terminate the investigation, Hachibei continued on his own against the orders by his boss, and forced the suspect to confess shortly before the detention period expired. Hachibe spotted contradictory points in one word that the suspect casually mentioned, and eventually drove the suspect into a corner. Around the time of incident, Japan was recovering from the dark years following the War and started to become affluent. Hachibe courageously tackled the incident that symbolized such changing times. --Tokyo Drama Awards

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