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  • Title: ケイゾク
  • Title (romaji): Keizoku
  • Also known as: Unsolved Cases
  • Genre: Mystery drama
  • Episodes: 11 + 1 SP (Phantom)
  • Viewership ratings: 13.9
  • Broadcast network: TBS
  • Broadcast period: 1999-Jan-08 to 1999-Mar-19 + 1999-Dec-24 (SP)
  • Air time: Friday 22:00
  • Theme song: Chronic Love by Nakatani Miki
  • Related TV shows: Keizoku 2: SPEC


Graduating at the top of her class, elite detective candidate Jun Shibata is transferred to the section that handles cases deemed "unsolvable" by the department. Her partner, though a well-respected and experienced detective, has grown complacent after unsuccesfully pursuing these cases that many consider an exercise in futility. With her upper class breeding, her colleagues don't expect much from her either, but she suprises them all with her motivation and astounding powers of deduction. Well-constructed mysteries and colorful characters abound in this stylish and edgy police drama. --TBS

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Episode Ratings

Ep Title (English) Rating
01 Phone Call from the Dead Man 13.0
02 Death Penalty of Ice 13.7
03 The Wiretapped Murderer 10.8
04 The Room of Certain Death 14.5
05 The Man Who Saw the Future 15.7
06 The Wickedest Bombing-Demon 14.1
07 Death Curse of the Oil Painting 14.3
08 Farewell, Lovely Cutthroat 14.7
09 Future Revenge of the Past 15.2
10 Your Own Two Eyes 13.2
11 A Kiss the Taste of Death 14.0


  • A movie was released entitled "Keizoku: Beautiful Dreamer" on March 2000

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