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Komyo ga Tsuji


  • Title: 功名が辻 (こうみょうがつじ)
  • Title (romaji): Komyo ga Tsuji
  • Format: Renzoku
  • Genre: Jidaigeki
  • Episodes: 49 plus 2-part highlights SP
  • Viewership ratings: ep1=19.8 high=24.4 avg=20.9 (all Kanto #s)
  • Broadcast network: NHK
  • Broadcast period: 2006-Jan-08 to 2006-Dec-10 (SP 2006-Dec-24)
  • Air time: Sunday 20:00


The 45th NHK Taiga Drama is Komyo ga Tsuji.

Kazutoyo lived during the end of the Sengoku period (1546-1605). He was the first feudal lord of the fief of Tosa on the island of Shikoku. He served Nobunaga Oda, Hideyoshi Toyotomi and Tokugawa Ieyasu.

Chiyo (1557-1617) was his wife, and was known in history for her dedication and devotion to her husband (like Matsu was to Toshiie in Toshiie to Matsu). She is the daughter of a samurai who served the feudal lord Asai.

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Production Credits[edit]

from the writing "Komyo ga Tsuji" (1963-Oct to 1965-Jan)
  • Screenwriter: Ooishi Shizuka
  • Director: Ozaki Mitsunobu
  • Music: Koroku Reijiro
  • Narration: Miyake Tamio (三宅民夫)
  • Theme music performance: NHK Symphony Orchestra
    • Conducter: Vladimir Ashkenazy
    • Music performer: FAIR WIND Music
  • Incidental music
  • Subtitler (Japanese): Dan Kyoko
  • Background researcher: Owada Tetsuo
  • Manners researcher: Futaki Ken'ichi
  • Architecture researcher: Hirai Kiyoshi
  • Costume researcher: Koizumi Kyoko
  • Sword battle/Military arts coach: Hayashi Kunishiro
  • Horsemanship coach: Tanaka Mitsunori
  • Conduct coach: Tachibana Yoshie
  • Owari speech coach: Moriya Kesato
  • Noh Play coach: Kanze Yoshimasa
  • Snare Drum coach: Goto Katsuyuki
  • Japanese music coach: Kiyomoto Eikichi
  • Work unifier: Ooka Akimasa
  • Art: Kishi Toshimitsu
  • Technology: Ichikawa Takao
  • Sound effects: Kubo Mitsuo
  • Recording: Noda Shigeko
  • Editing: Mizushima Kiyoko
  • Photography: Yokoyama Yoshiyuki
  • Illumination: Kimura Nakaya
  • Sound: Tomizawa Hitoshi
  • Image art: Yokota Kanji
  • Progress art: Matsudani Takafumi


  • For the purpose of the drama and this DramaWiki article, references to Yamauchi Kazutoyo (山内一豊) should be made using the Romaji Yamauchi, as most Japanese historians, as well as Japanese Wikipedia, spell his surname using the hiragana やまうち. However, some historians may object to the use of this pronounciation of his surname, as most people with the surname 山内 pronounce it as Yamanouchi (やまのうち). As evidence of Yamauchi being the preferred spelling, letters mailed to Kazutoyo's home were written using やまうち. And, many of his accomplishments were being made as these letters were written. As for his first name, Kazutoyo (かつとよ), we are treating つ as "zu", which is the Romaji spelling used by historians.
  • Throughout the series, you may hear the measurement koku (石) being used. During the warring era, koku was used as a measurement of rice, which was a commodity used to pay samurai for their services. In rough measurements, one koku could feed one adult for one year. Koku is important to a samurai when he searches for vassals. The idea is for a samurai to distinguish himself so that he can obtain a large volume of koku from his lord. He can then use the koku to build up his vassals, which pushes him up the ladder in the clan.
  • Hideyoshi's wife is known as Nene. However, recent research reveals that he also referred to his wife as One (used in Toshiie to Matsu, the role played by Sakai Noriko.) Because this is recent research, all references to her in DramaWiki should still be made as Nene, to stay consistent with existing historical textbooks.
  • According to NHK, it costs 61.1 million yen (US$536,000) to put together just one episode. In comparison, an average cooking show on NHK cost 1.7 million yen (US$15,000). More than half of the funds are spent on the sets. Yoshitsune had the most expensive set, followed by Komyo ga Tsuji and Shinsengumi!
  • In episode 39, Karasawa Toshiaki makes a cameo appearance as Maeda Toshiie. His cameo appearance is a first for an NHK Taiga drama, where he is the first artist to appear in at least two Taiga dramas as the same character. His first drama playing Toshiie is Toshiie to Matsu.

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