Kurumi no Heya

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Kurumi no Heya


  • Title: 胡桃の部屋
  • Title (romaji): Kurumi no Heya
  • Format: Renzoku
  • Genre: Drama
  • Episodes: 6
  • Viewership rating: 8.73%
  • Broadcast network: NHK
  • Broadcast period: 2011-Jul-26 to 2011-Aug-30
  • Air time: Tuesday 22:00


In Tokyo in the 80s, before the Big Bubble: Momoko is the second oldest daugther of four siblings in the Mitamura family. After her father Tadashi Mitamura is laid off from work and suddenly disappears, the sensitive Momoko feels most responsible to fill his place. But the family starts to break apart, when their problems outgrow. Mother Ayano deals with her disappointment, oldest sister Sakura Shimizu is troubled by her husband´s infidelity and the youngest, brother Kentaro faces a difficult job hunt and begins questioning his own life.

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Episode Information

Episode Subtitle / Scenario Ratings
01 父の失踪 08.6
02 母の想い 07.6
03 不器用な愛 07.6
04 桃子の恋 10.2
05 裏切り 09.5
06 家族の幸せ 08.9
Average 08.7

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Karyu no Utage Tuesday 22:00 Last Money ~Ai no Nedan~