Lady Flower Fist

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Lady Flower Fist


  • Title 苗翠花
  • Cantonese/Mandarin title: Miu Chui Fa / Miao Cui Hua
  • English title: Lady Flower Fist
  • Genre: Ancient, comedy
  • Episodes: 20
  • Broadcast network: TVB
  • Broadcast period: 1997-Mar-24 to 1997-Apr-18
  • Air time: Monday to Friday 19:30-20:30
  • Theme song: 小小女子半边天 by Joyce Lee


This is the fictional historical drama about the "account life" of Miu Chui Fa, the mother of legendary martial artist Fong Sai-Yuk. Miu Chui Fa always loved to have fun with little self restraint and consideration with her righteousness. It was because her righteous actions she injured an imperial officer's son and was about to face his fury when Fong Tuk (an influential family liked by the emperor) used his status to "marry" Miu Chui Fa to deter them. It's the comedic story of the developing relationship between Fong Tuk and Miu Chui Fa dealing with relationships, family, activism, and each other amongst legendary martial artists and political turmoil of their time.

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Review by Calcifer10000[edit]

Pros: Humor that's cute and sometimes quite hilarious. The Qing Dynasty in itself is an interesting time period (minus guy's hairstyles) because it's when the West begins infiltrating Eastern culture. Thus Western horses, cake, sunglasses and more are incorporated into the plot in neat ways, along with foreign relations. A lot of typical Chinese culture's also thrown in alongside this 'new' Western stuff: traditional clan or gang 'duels;' wedding rules; family issues, etc. Of course, another more serious issue is more lightly addressed here than in, say, "Raise the Red Lantern": the role of women and the concubine issue. Rebels against the current Qing government also crop up in unexpected places.

Cons: Surprisingly not many. The overall light-hearted attitude may not sit too well with people used to more serious series, though I myself prefer those and I love [苗翠花]. As a very minor complaint, the costumes/hair were a bit plain, but no big deal. There's also a part of the plot when cross-dressing is taken maybe a bit too far, though it's definitely nothing new in Chinese series...though here, it's a bit of a stretch. Maybe it's possible...if everyone has really, really bad eyesight... 8)

Comments: I would definitely say if you're looking for some laughs, try this out. The humor's of the wholesome breed, not cheesy or melodramatic. Acting is good, relaxed when it's funny, and balanced with some nice emotional parts. The male hairstyle is the HK Qing style of slicking back instead of actually shaving half off, which I liked; I found Fang De to be a pretty good-looking guy myself.  :P Get yourself ready for bickering, tears, some nice, old-fashioned (aka realistic) fighting sequences and a (nowadays seemingly rarely found) good ending.

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