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  • Title: 花灯满城 / Hua deng man cheng
  • English title: Lanterns
  • Also known as: 花灯满城之大红灯笼高高挂 (Red Lanterns Hanging High in the City)
  • Genre: Period, drama
  • Episodes: 32
  • Broadcast network: Hunan TV
  • Broadcast period: 2014-Jun-20 to 2014-Jul-28


In 1920s, a new ideology have spread all over China. The feudal Chen family in the south corner of Jiangxi was finally disintegrated. Young people such as Zhang Songlian embarked on a new journey of self-rescue. In order to pay off the debts of her deceased father, Song Lian was helplessly married to the Chen family as the fourth concubine.

In the struggle against the old feudal family, Song Lian not only tried to save herself, but also used her behavior to call on and influence other young people and other woman of the Chen family. Eventually the feudal family was blown away by the torrent of the times.

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Main Cast
Supporting Cast
  • Zhang Jun Ning as Chen Feipu, Chen family 1st young master, Yu Ru's son
  • Ren Quan as Gu San, Gu family young master
  • Yang Yang as Chen Feiyu, Chen family 2nd young master, Zhuo Yun's son
  • Yang Ya as Chen Yihui, Chen family 1st young lady, Yu Ru's daughter, Gu San's wife
  • Qin Feng as Chen Zuoqian, Chen family head
  • Xie Fang as Chen Zuoqian's mother
  • Zhang Yi Meng as Xi Er, Zhuo Yun's maid
  • Yang Li Xiao as Chen Yirong, Chen family 2nd young lady, Zhuo Yun's daughter
  • Jiang Yi Yi as Chen Yiyun, Chen family 3rd young lady, Zhuo Yun's daughter
  • Lin Mu Ran as Chen Feilan, Chen family 3rd young master, Mei Shan's son
  • Tang Wen Long as Doctor Huang, Mei Shan's lover
  • Wu Hong as Zhao Ningsheng, Reporter and Chen Yihui's friend
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