Le Coup de Foudre

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Le Coup de Foudre


  • Title: 我只喜欢你 / Wo Zhi Xi Huan Ni
  • English title: Le Coup de Foudre
  • Also known as: I Only Like You
  • Genre: Romance
  • Episodes: 35
  • Broadcast network: Tencent, Youku
  • Broadcast period: 2019-Apr-29 to 2019-Jun-03
  • Original soundtrack: Le Coup de Foudre OST


Story about a pair of lovers from high school to adult life.


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A kind-hearted and optimistic girl who suffered from low self-esteem when she was young. Her dream was to be a television program producer, but she quit her job to become a marketing assistant at Panda for Yan Mo.
A quiet and reticent person who leads a strict regime and excels in his studies. He appears cold but cares for the people around him. He later becomes a product designer and opens up a company called Panda with Dachuan.
Qiaoyi's twin brother. A doctor. A humorous and easygoing person who loved to date around. He doesn't believe in marriage until he falls in love with Wuyi.
Qiaoyi's best friend. A novel writer. A tomboy-ish girl who is forthright and easygoing. She loves Guanchao.
Yan Mo's "uncle". He appears tough and scary but is kind at heart, though brash at times. He falls in love with Youmei after realizing she is the girl who stood up for him in his childhood.
A wealthy girl who is spoilt but kind at heart. Yan Mo's childhood friend who had a crush on him, but later falls for Dachuan.
Nanchuan secondary


Production Credits[edit]

  • Original Writing: Wo Bu Xi Huan Zhe Shi Jie, Wo Zhi Xi Huan Ni (我不喜欢这世界,我只喜欢你) by Qiao Yi (乔一)
  • Director: Wang Zhi
  • Screenwriter: Ming Yuan (明远), Yun Zi (勺子)
  • Producer: Sun Zhong Huai
  • Company: Huace Media, Tencent Penguin Pictures, China South Angel

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